Green Tea Macarons

July 26, 2011
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My Macarons journey started in late December 2010...when I was given Secrets of Making Macarons by Jose Marechal  as a Christmas present by my sweetie pie, E.

The book became my night read for a couple of months... I would read and re-read... trying to visualize in my head the art of making and baking macarons... 

All equipment and ingredients were purchased ...and yet no sign of macarons. Kids and H were waiting patiently...

When I finally found my courage... my first attempt was to try out Italian meringue. I followed the 'step by step' stated in the book... they looked good during the drying time 'croutage'... but... Lady Luck was not on my side!!

My first batch was a failure ~ they turned out lopsided...just like a car having 2 of its tyres punctured! The second batch came out from the oven with similar fate...
Devastated... frustrated...  not giving up ...

I was determined and desperate to bake macarons successfully. I left few comments on some blogs... citing the problem I encountered...
Xiaolu of 6Bittersweets and Rima of Bisous A Toi... responded to my SOS.

Xiaolu walked me through her experiences in macarons baking... as well as suggested a few links for further reading by successful macarons bloggers ... 

Rima suggested that I adapt Swiss Meringue... less temperamental than French or Italian meringue.
Thank you Xiaolu and Rima...

3rd attempt... back to Italian Meringue. Taking in Xiaolu's advice on the oven hotspot, baking tray and baking sheets...I was getting better results... no more lopsided macarons... except that my mix was not fully incorporated, hence the 'peak'.
th attempt ~ French Meringue... this time, I over mix the macronage... ripples appeared during baking... visble upon close scrutiny on the photo bottom right hand side...

5th Attempt ~ based on my little 'victory' above...I decided to take up Rima's suggestion of Swiss Meringue and I remembered reading an article Demystifying Macarons from Helene of Tartelette ... not to exceed more than 50 strokes when mixing.

Finally... sweet SUCCESS.... was mine....
my First

Green Tea Macarons

green tea macaron shells

Phew.... this Macarons making ... reminded me of my first job working under the guidance of Dr Ting, a renown specialist Engineer in KL...  He often reminded us... the nerdy, ambitious young fresh graduates to be Precise, Concise and Consistent... in our work.  

The same anology could be applied here... well at least the Precise and Consistent ...

Delicious Green tea macarons
Green Tea Macarons for Elphaba... conclude:
It was a good week... I successfully made my first batch of Macarons, we celebrated our 19th Anniversary and enjoyed Wicked the Musical... Wicked is playing in Perth now... if you have the chance... dont miss it... it was brilliant!!  

Green Tea Macaron Recipe (makes about 32 macarons shells)

(Recipe adapted from Bisous A Toi; Fillings from  Macaroons by Love Food)
80g egg white~room temperature
65g castor sugar
80g almond meal
140g icing sugar
1/2 teaspoon lemon juice
2 teaspoon of green tea powder
1/8 teaspoon of green food colouring paste
55g unsalted butter ~ softened
3 teaspoon of lemon juice
3 tablespoon of green tea powder
115g icing sugar
Preparation ~ 3 days before making macarons ~ separate egg white from yolk. Refrigerate.

  1. Egg white at room temperature
  2. Pulse Almond meal with icicng sugar for 5 minutes. Sieve. Set aside.
  3. Mix the egg white and castor sugar in a heatproof bowl.
  4. Making sure that the bowl will snuggly fit the pot, bring the water to boil then lower the heat to a gentle simmer.
  5. Place the bowl on top of the pot, making sure the bottom of the bowl does not touch the simmering water... aka double boil method.
  6. Whisk the egg white mixture until the sugar is dissolved and the temperature reads 50-55C on the sugar thermometer.
  7. Transfer the egg mixture into the mixing bowl with the balloon attachment.
  8. Add lemon juice.
  9. Whisk on medium speed until soft peak or 'shaving foam' consistency.
  10. Add in food colouring.
  11. Using a flexible silicon spatula, fold in sieved almond and green tea powder into the meringue one third at a time. And start counting the strokes.
  12. Continue to fold until all dry ingredients are fully incorporated and it forms a shiny batter with a thick, ribbon like consistency...
  13. Pour the mixture into a piping bag fitted with 10mm nozzle, and pipe onto prepared baking sheets.
  14. Leave the tray at room temperature for 30 minutes or more until the macarons surface are 'drier' to touch.
  15. Pre heat oven to 150C and bake each tray for 15-20 minutes depending on the oven.
  16. Cool for 10 minutes then carefully peel off the baking sheet.
  17. Leave to cool completely before piping in the filling
  18. Filling~ beat butter, lemon juice until light and fluffy, then add icing sugar and green tea powder.Piped the filling onto the shells.
  19. Macarons tasted better...after an overnight refrigeration


  1. Oh Boy !! You nailed the damn macarons perfectly :) The sweet taste of success .... Lovely clicks !

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous macarons! Even prettier on the big screen ;-).

  3. Those macarons look perefect and so delicious! Well done.



  4. Michaela
    The green ones are the ones I am proud of :D

    ... yeah, I nailed it ;)

    Thank you.. :)


  5. Well done! they look gorgeous!

  6. This looks amazing and so tempting! Shall definitely try these macarons!! Lovely blog...very different indeed!

  7. Congrats! your macarons look PERFECT!

  8. oh wow looks like your engineering attitude worked really well for you! your green tea macarons look absolutely fantastic! I've never tried the swiss meringue method myself, but looking at your results, I'm definitely trying it out soon!! :D

  9. Perfect macarons and lovely green. I'd yet to try baking macarons, must try out soon.

  10. Congrats on your perfect macrons! Aren't they also the perfect gift for your Anniversary!?

  11. Lisa, your macaroons looks perfect!!! I too tried many many times before getting it right. That also sometimes it will 'senget' or 'pecah' at the top. They are pretty temperamental :) :)

  12. Rima
    Thank you ... my Macarons 'sifu' :D

    purabi naha

    Thanks Anh :)

    Hahaha... if my former sifu read this he'll be smiling... knowing that I still remember his 3 magical words :D

  13. Amelia
    Happy trying... :D

    Thank you dear...
    Yes ... absolutely perfect gift :D

    Thank you :D

    Very temperamental...
    I champion in making 'senget' macarons ;P

  14. I only attempted chocolate macarons once with the French meringue technique and some 2 month old egg whites. They were ugly and delicious. Maybe next I'll use Swiss meringue instead. Very nice ones the matcha Lisa!

  15. pickyin
    Thank you dear...
    Mac may not jadi.. and look ugly, you are right ... they are yummy ...hehehe :D

  16. WOW!
    I never even tried to bake macarons, but I surely admire your dedication. The green ones look fantastic

  17. Very pretty!! You have done a great job!

  18. Your green tea macarons look gorgeous! I also like the enamel mugs (first photo) - they send me right into nostalgia.

  19. Boris
    Thank you :D


    enamel mug ~ I was surprised that I could find them here ;)

  20. Wow! Your macarons look so perfect! I have been on a macarons baking frenzy of late and having nightmares over the oven temperature more than the macronage.

  21. Beautiful macarons...Well Done!! They look so perfect! I tried several times before. Can eat but not perfect like yours yet. I have to try again. Now you can make for sale :D

  22. Your green tea macarons turned out really, really well! They're incredibly professional, love the deep green shade of them.

  23. Lisa : Congratulations! Your green tea macarons look perfect! You've walked the rites of passage and you will find that with the experience you have acquired through your earlier batches, you will be able to work with any recipe and will get good results :)

  24. hi lisa, what can i say, they are so gorgeous looking! just a few days ago, i saw this book ' mad about macarons' at mph and was so tempted to buy it but i just tell myself , wait, wait..but dont know what am i waiting for? really sounds like a very tricky thing to handle, let me just enjoy looking at you guys making macarons first!

  25. They turned out perfect. YUM!

  26. none
    I invested in an oven thermometer to get an accurate temperature of 150C...

    Thank you Mary...
    Mac for sale ~ perhaps one day :D

    Thank you... :D

    Thank you... I hope my next mac project will give me the same result :D

    hahaha... it was tricky and nightmare-ish for me... still is ;)

    Thank you :D

  27. WAH SEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cantek sekali lorr!

    Love the vivid green colour, love the tall feet, love the generous filling. You menang Lisa. I want some now.

  28. I love anything with green tea and I adore macarons. Macarons are the new cupcakes these days.

  29. Perfect looking macarons, Lisa. Green tea is my favorite.

  30. Flower
    Bagi I practice dulu ;)

    to'chieh my dear :D

    Mei Teng

    Thank you Ellie...:)

  31. how exciting. kudos to you for not giving up. these macarons look wickedly delicious.

  32. Your macarons look wicked (yes, sorry, I had to say it). Seriously, they are awesome. I have tried so many times with macarons but have never made one batch that I considered a success.
    *kisses* HH

  33. I need to work up the courage to attempt macarons again. Your macarons looks great though!

  34. Heavenly Housewife
    These babes are temperamental..:)

    Phuoc'n Delicious
    Thank you

  35. Hi! Just stopping by after visiting 6 Bittersweets where your macarons caught my eye. Beautiful! I have not attempted to make any yet, but just may give it a try :-)

  36. these are beautiful! and naturally gluten-free or is the almond flour your adaptation to make them gluten-free. i've never made macarons before, so i don't what is the traditional way to do it.

  37. EA-The Spicy RD
    Thank you for dropping by to say hello :D

    Heather Jacobsen
    Thank you Heather :D.
    Macarons are made of almond meal, sugar and egg white. Have a go... you'll be smitten on your first bite ;P

  38. Hello lisa just want to say i love your green tea macarons very much. The color is so lovely n they look so professional

  39. Hi Lisa! Your green tea macarons are super beautiful!!! Your detail work surely paid off to make such gorgeous creations! I really, really love your photos... I decided to make matcha ice cream instead... a lot easier than these macarons. Oohh I wish I have even just one piece!

  40. Nami
    Thank you...
    Love Matcha Ice-cream.. I usually buy the packet mix and just add milk... must try making from scratch :D

  41. Good Eye on the Green Tea macaroons. I would have never thought of that and your pictures make me want to eat them right off the screen.

  42. I love green tea! Its a great antioxidant. I'll have to make some of those yummy looking macaroons and eat them with my tea. Thanks for the recipe!

  43. Hello - your green tea macarons are lovely.

    1. Did the lemon filling pair well with the green tea shells?
    2. What color green did you use for the shells? Was it a paste, like Wilton, and if so, what color was it (there are several shades of green, not sure which one it was, such as leaf green, kelly green ....).

    Thank you!

  44. Anonymous
    Thank you :D

    1. Personally... I think the taste of lemon (as in lemoncurd etc)might be too overwhelming for the green tea saying that ... no harm done in trying ;)...

    2. Moss green (Wilton)