Jasmine Green Tea Macarons

July 11, 2015

Jasmine Green Tea Macarons

Macarons... Macarons... Macarons!!!
anyone still bakes ‘em? or has it become stale news??

Oh well... I bring you Jasmine green tea macarons regardless ;P

Jasmine Tea Macarons

It is just that I hardly see any macarons popping up either in my news feed or on my Pinterest, so I guess the craze has pretty much slowed down a bit. As mentioned in the previous post (or was it 2 posts ago???), I am not good at keeping up with what trending :(

but... not in my house, we are still crazy ‘bout macarons :)

Fragrant Jasmine Green Tea Macarons
My first macaron success story was ~ Green Tea macarons, aged egg whites were used, and matcha powder was introduced in the macaronage.

This time round I used brewed jasmine green tea for the shell :D.

It gives a subtle jasmine aroma and taste. Aged the macarons in the fridge or store to keep in the freezer, the jasmine tea comes out beautifully.
How so?
Won’t it be runny and wet????

Green Tea Macarons
Egg white powder is the key ingredient.

Egg white powder gave me the flexibility to be creative. Just in case anyone is asking, I got my egg white powder in a shop that sells baking goods (it just does not sound right to call it a baking shop ;p)

Hope you enjoy the video :D this short video on Jasmine Green Tea Macarons (credit goes to my daughter).


  1. so cute!!!! I thought these would be so yummy adding some matcha green tea powder to the buttercream!!

  2. Cool! Just 10grams of egg white powder? That tea filling sounds amazing too.

  3. What a lovely macaron flavor that sounds like! Love your photos, the cookies look so elegant :)

  4. Oh my god, these look so adorable ^^ !
    I tried making macaroons only once but it was a disaster :D


  5. love love love macaroons. if only i could learn to make it. I tried several times, and flops all the time! These looks super tempting and so neatly done.

  6. I will gladly call my time on earth done when macarons are stale news! I don't care how many people have or have not made them; the colors, the taste, that first delectable bite.

    I have not attempted to make these on my own but I feel my time is coming. Yours are absolutely beautiful. From what I hear, it is very difficult to make them as pale white as you have without browning so bravo!

  7. I love green tea, I love jasmine, and I absolutely LOVE macaroons! Definitely will have to try this recipe out. Hopefully mine come out as beautiful as yours!

  8. Hi your jasmine green tea macarons look so adorable with the lovely colour combo. I've made macarons twice but failed. And I don't think I dare to attempt again. Well done Lisa!
    By the way, I have nominated your blog for the 2015 Versatile Blogger Award. Please click on my post at http://mintyskitchen.blogspot.com/2015/07/the-versatile-blogger-award.html to follow up on this.

  9. Dear Anon,
    You can use normal egg white... but you will not be able to infuse green tea flavour in the macaron shell.
    You don't add additional liquid to the already liquid-y egg white

  10. Loved this demo!
    I love that macarons are naturally gluten free, however I am also eating s sugar free diet. Since macarons are so particular, does anyone else know what I could substitute for these lovely cookies in replacement of the sugar?