Savoury Yam Cake

September 28, 2016
Old fashion steamed yam cake served with hot chilli sauce is one of Malaysian favourite tea time treat.
steamed yam cake

Do you like yam?

Do you have a penchant for savoury food?

If you nod your head for one or for both.. I can guarantee that you will fall in love with this little morsels :D
Savoury yam cake or Or Kueh as it is known in Malaysia, is simple yet delicious treat.

It is called 'cake' ... I honestly do not know how else to describe them in english, yet it is not a 'baked' cake as we know it. Neither eggs or baking powder were used...  can we still call it cake?

This is one of our favourites... We could just have this for lunch and dinner.

Orr kueh
Just like most of my recipes... I make do with whats available and of course must be reasonably priced too ;P.

Fresh yam or taro as it is known here... is expensive. I usually settled for frozen yam from my local Asian grocer. 

Can you find yam in your area?

If you are able to get some for your own consumption... or delight your guests with this savoury, crunchy (from the peanuts) salty-ish, heat from the chillies yam cake or even  ;P

best steamed yam cake recipe


  1. Lisa, me salivating ! The colour of your kuih looks really tempting. Its one of my favorite. Have a great day friend.
    Blessings, Kristy

  2. Here is a dish that I've never tried. Thanks for the pictures and recipe. It looks wonderful.

    1. Thank you Dan :D
      Its from South East Asia region where we make do with what we have / planted :D

  3. This looks great, it is so hard to find true yam in this area. Most grocery stores sell orange sweet potato and label it as yam

    1. That is criminal!!! Perhaps they all the same to them ;P

  4. I do love yam but I have to admit I have never quite experimented with them in such a manner - usually they are roasted or mashed here. I need to try this!

    1. That is something that I must try too, roast yam. but I have to get fresh ones and will cost me a bomb :(

  5. challenge accepted. Will start looking for yams right now :-). I even have my diy 5 spices jar here!

    1. DIY 5 spice? wow that is awesome. Do you have them up on your blog?

  6. I saw this on FB today and I was mesmerized! I've never seen or heard of a Savoury yam cake or Or Kueh before. Thanks so much for exposing me to something new today - yam never looked so yum! :)

  7. Hi Lisa, this looks Yummy! I usually buy this from the
    Morning Market for my Breakfast..
    sometimes good sometimes a bit flat.

    I think I will attempt this soon but surprisingly,
    I have never had chicken in it at anytime.
    Yam is one vegie that I have to try learning to
    cook with!

    Have a great day
    Mrs Singh, Ipoh Malaysia


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