Karipap Daging (Malaysian Beef Curry Puff)

June 27, 2015
Beef curry puff are also known as karipap for local are Malaysian favourite afternoon.

beef curry puff recipe

It was the third day of Ramadan (last Saturday), and I had a major craving for beef curry puff and everything fried... which is not the usual anymore since I pledged to eat healthily 10 years ago.

... no excuses this time... I had to have SOME fried food and  Beef Curry Puff/ Karipap Daging is on the menu.

No worries... I am not about to turn into a ’ She-Hulk’ or that McNugget Lady in the video that was making rounds on the internet, if I don’t get my fried food.

The two Tweenies (none other than my 20-year-old and 18-year-old... I shall call them that now) were happy...
Yay!!! mom is making something FRIED!!!
and MOM is making CURRY PUFF.... one of those kuih (finger food) that they miss eating....

The word ‘puff’ is misleading... these little bites don’t puff, as you would expect a puff pastry to puff up when it is baked.

Karipap berinti daging

Notice the new feature below .... a video on ‘How to...’

I confess...sometimes (not all the time), I have difficulties in explaining lengthy laborious processes... my words may sound ‘Alien’ to you especially when you are not familiar with the food/ dish that I am blogging about.

Hence to overcome my shortfall... and make it easier for my kids and my readers ... I’ll be putting up videos on YouTube for future reference.

I plan to put up more ‘How to..’  videos on re-visited recipes as well as some new ones.

Giving Credits.

Making videos is the brainchild of the young lady in the photo below.... who is my no 1 subscriber ...yay
She has been putting forward the idea of video-making but I was the one who hesitated...

Thinking about the amount of work and time involved and not knowing whether my camera is equipped for video shooting.
When it comes to technology and what’s trending...
MOM is always wrong
so here... it is...

Looking forward to your support in subscribing to my Youtube CHANNEL

making beef curry puff hands-on Video Director ....

Golden delicious Beef Curry Puff


  1. They must be very delicious. I love that beef curry filling.

  2. I bet they are quite addictive. Lovely filling.



  3. Hi Lisa
    Selamat bulan puasa... love watching your video!
    Curry puff my all time favourite.