Kuih Cucur Badak

March 24, 2021

Kuih Cucur Badak is Malaysian favourite snack of sweet potato dumplings with spicy coconut fillings.

 cucur badak

What is Cucur Badak?

Cucur Badak is a traditional Malay/ Indonesian snack, made of sweet potato dough filled with spicy coconut filling.
This spicy coconut filling is known as Serunding Kelapa.

How to Make Cucur Badak?

Printable recipe in English and Bahasa is available at the end of this post.

 resipi cucur badak

1. Sweet Potato
Anyway the main hero in this snack is the sweet potato.
So I chose orange sweet potato.
Orange sweet potato is sweet and easier to mash.
(psst... and sweet potato is way much cheaper than its purple skin cousin)

2. Coconut Floss
Coconut floss goes very well with cucur badak or sweet potato dumplings.
The balance of chilli heat, sweet and salty in a bite, is just heavenly.

For your easy reference, check out my Serunding Kelapa or Coconut Floss recipe!
 cucur badak frozen

Can I freeze Cucur Badak?


You can pack up some uncooked cucur badak (stop at step 11 and pack) in an air tight container.

And just take out a few or all, and proceed to fry them.

Do I need to thaw these frozen cucur badak prior?

I have no problem, frying them straight from freezer.
Just brush off some ice, if there is any, and fry them.

Video on "How to Make Cucur Badak"

For FULL video, you can view my You tube channel

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 Resipi kuih cucur badak

 Sweet Potato dough with Spicy Coconut  Filling recipe. It also known as cucur badak in Malaysia. Malaysian favourite snack of sweet potato dumplings with spicy coconut fillings.

What was posted on 24th May 2013

What do Malaysians do when they get together?

We would feast on Malaysian food of course. Everyone will make /cook and bring something that reminded us of Malaysia. It will be like a mini 'Pasar Malam' or night market that sells delicious, scrumptious Malaysian delicacy.
E or D (or sometimes both) would ask "Mom, what are you making for the party?"

This time round, it was E who posed the question...
me : I am making something with sweet potato and its called Cucur Badak 
E : what's that? (asked the girl with limited knowledge of Malay words...) 
I see a window of opportunity to wind her up...  who would need an enemy when you have a mom like me
me:  hmmm...in English ~ that would be Deep Fried Hippopotamus
E*rolling her eyes* Seriously?...
Cucur means deep fried finger food, either sweet or savoury
Badak means Hippopotamus

So I wasn't wrong... was I?

One may find Cucur Badak in most Malaysians or Singaporeans or Indonesians blogs. None of us could resist sharing thus shout to the world about these fantabulous morsels.
It is one of our lovable kuihs /snacks /bites of all time, made of sweet potato dough and fill it up with spicy coconut filling, then deep fry till golden. Just like doughnuts with savoury fillings.

We will have it for breakfast or for afternoon tea.
Delicious to have Cucur Badak with Malaysian coffee.


  1. Hi Lisa
    It has been ages I had this! I remember I learnt to make this was in Home Science class. Looking at your cucur badak bring back some memories in school days. Yourcucur badak must be taste great with all that spices in.

    1. Thanks Mel, its nice to eat in cold wet Auckland :P

  2. That looks delicious! A wonderful combination of spices.

    The first click is wonderful!



  3. I always love the combination of potatoes and coconut and looking at the photos I am pretty sure this will taste awesome.

  4. Love your shots, Lisa! Was that an old table top or props for your photography? :D

    1. Hi Chef,
      Thank you :D
      Its one of few props that I have :D

  5. Lovely pictures Lisa! I love the dark wood of the table and the contrast with the cucur badak

  6. I love sweet potato and this is such an interesting and unique way to serve it.

  7. I love sweet potatoes! This looks wonderful - I especially love that you made with coconut!