Kuih Cara Berlauk/ Savoury Bites

November 30, 2011
Easy Kuih Cara Berlauk, little savoury bites are excellent as afternoon treat.


Hi... I am back...  with another Malaysians favourite finger food... Kuih Cara Berlauk or in plain english Savoury bites.

But before that...let me tell you what happen!

Computer is all good again. VGA card was the culprit... giving me a headache and heartache. It didn't take long for the computer guy to fix it, max 15 minutes to get it running again... What a relief!!!

However, everything happened for a reason... right?
Those 2 weeks hiatus was good... took the opportunity to settle few important tasks... for I had so many things/events requires my undivided attention within that span of time... chasing datelines... unfortunately cooking, baking and photography took the back seat. Actually... I have not been cooking or baking, let alone play with my camera much lately...

One of the tasks was... to make sure that my son has everything he needed for his trip to Nepal. Yes... he is away for a month  and will only be home for Christmas...

I am proud of him to be able to take up the challenge... sleeping rough, eat to live and most of all, he dare to venture out of his comfort zone.

I am not an outdoor type of person... I can't sleep rough and tough (not even in the pitched up tent in our backyard...yes ... I am THAT bad) and I definitely CANNOT live on 3 shirts, 3 pants and 3 undergarments for 30 days... eeeeuuuuwwww


I admire these group of youth, who are there to help out with some basic renovations and maintenance work to the school for the orphans, teach them English... before they head out to the lush green foothills of the Himalayas, 12 days trekking the Annapurna Sanctuary, climbing the mountains and peaking at 4300m.

It is very exciting ... lifetime experience, an eye opener and hopefully they'll come home enrich.

Kuih Cara Berlauk/ Savoury Bites recipe.

Before his trip, we whipped up  Kuih Cara (pronounce as Koo-eh Char-ra) or Savoury Bites, one of his favourites Kuihs...

D was delighted ... Kuih Cara has all the ingredients and flavours he loves; Chicken, prawns and spicy...
Before he left... D said to me

'Mom, can I have Beef Rendang when I get home? And NO more lentils please....'


  1. Wah!...beza memang berbeza...siap ada udang bebeso kat atas kuih cara tu....bestnya...:D

  2. can you believe i haven't tried kuih cara before? it looks super good though! and kudos to your son for roughing it out in Nepal - I did similar things when I was younger and never regretted those trips, because as you get older, you'll want more comfort hehe

  3. Ar... ha... Lisa, good to see you back in action. Lovely photos as usual from you, always admire your beautiful click.

    3 pieces of shirts,pants, undergarments for 30 days???... Definitely not me, I can join your group, hahaha..

  4. What delicious bites! I love the filling/topping. Very original!



  5. I actually never had or seen this kuih before. Are we really from the same country? :D :D

  6. savoury bites look delicious lovely for snack

  7. cik cek
    Terimakasih... :D

    Sweet Kuih Cara is quite common among Malays kuihs...
    That's what I keep telling my kids... go see the world while you are still young... :D

    Thank you dearie...:)
    LOL... kita satu gangla... ;P

    Thank you :D

    Usually the Makcik kuih stall would have the sweet version and if they have the savoury version ~ the filling is made of beef...

    yes .. it is :D

  8. Omg... Can I just tell you how much I LOVE this recipe, Lisa?! Thanks so much for sharing!! Though, I don't own the kuih cara mould so please forgive me when I make this with a CUPCAKE mould instead haha!! How un-Malaysian of me, sigh...

    Btw your son's trip sounds SO amazing! Very great experience indeed putting himself through that to help other people around the world -- respect! I'm sure he must appreciate having a supportive mother like you. Though, I think my mum can identify with when it comes to having a son with CRAZY requests. Cuz I know mum always slaps a palm to her forehead whenever I make requests to do things like bungy/skydiving etc. But I'm glad that she always supports my enthusiasm no matter what haha! =D

  9. Lapar la sayang.. I have never tried this kuih, nampak sedan betul!

  10. Winston
    That is an interesting idea... hope to see kuih cara cupcake in your blog soon :D

    kita kat Kedah selalu buat Kuih Cara manis... berlauk ni jarang2 sekali :D

    Thank you Anh :)

  11. Lisa, yum yum yum yum yum, delicioso.

  12. Hi Lisa!!!! I've missed your post! I'm so glad your computer is okay now. You came back with delicious recipe. :-) And photos are just breathtaking and always my favorite.

    My brother went to Himalayas too...he went trekking for days. I forgot exactly how far he went, but he hired those local guide to go with him. My mom was.... well very worried just like you. I am in the US and geographically so far that I kind of forget about it in my busy schedule, but it's tough for moms... He'll enjoy it. My brother did. It's once in a life time and I wish I did it but I am too lazy anyway... Hope he travels safe and has lots of fun.

  13. Bee.

    awww ...you are so sweet my dear Nami :)

    It is a journey to remember... especially for the youngsters...
    Yeah ... their group will engage a Sherpa n some helpers to carry their supplies while trekking...

  14. I haven't tried kuih cara before, but this looks fantastic. I love the size and the beautiful prawn - very elegant dish!

  15. Lisa, these look absolutely fantastic! I shall look out for the mold and perhaps serve it at my next party :)

  16. What a wonderful trip your son is gonna have! An amazing opportunity and I am sure he will come back the better for it... Now these little bit look just as amazing but in a totally different way.. :)

  17. That prawn 'topping" within a cup-shaped tart actually reminded me of Kuih Pie Tee (though I know the latter has veggie fillings and this does not). And I have not tried Kuih Cara before! :O

    Glad your computer is up again.

  18. Divya
    Thank you :D

    brilliant finger food... :)

    Looking forward to hug him ...

    oh... you too have not heard of kuih cara?...hmmm must be from the Northern part of Malaysia ;)

  19. I love the filling! Look absolutely fantastic!

  20. Wonderful recipe - love the flavors! I would have to do without that cute mould, but I bet it will still be delicious :-)

  21. Baker Street
    Thank you Anu :)

    Cooking Rookie
    Absolutely wonderful regardless of its shape ;)

  22. The mould looks so fun! Those savoury bites would for sure wow the dinner guests!

  23. Can't believe I've never heard of this or seen this before... I've been missing out for so long! They look really good I could eat them all!!