Sausage and Rice recipe with Wild Rice

June 26, 2009

Sausage and rice, cooked in Instant Pot, is easy to make on any busy weekday nights.

Sausage and rice recipe


What is sausage and rice?

Sausage and rice is a one pot dish that is easy and fast to cook.

Mix sausage, rice, vegetables of choice in a rice cooker or instant pot and let the pot do its magic, to produce a tasty, filling meal for everyone.

This is the best way to use up that left over sausages from the bbq that you had over the weekend!

How to cook Sausage and Rice?

Refer to the recipe card below for the list of ingredients.

1. Ingredients to Cook Sausage and Rice

sausage and rice ingredients

These are my basic sausage and rice ingredients.

1. Sausages

Leftover sausages from bbq is best for this recipe.
Alternative: Kransky or Chorizo.

How many sausages?

You can put as many sausages as you like as long as they can fit in the pot :)
Sausages from bbq add some hint of smokey flavour to the rice.

2. Basmati Rice

I used basmati rice for its fluffy texture. Next best alternatuve is long grain rice.
Short grain or medium grain rice tend to be a little on the soft side to my liking and tend to stick and clump together.

3. Wild Rice

I added wild rice to my sausage and rice, to give the dish some texture.

I did not pre-cook wild rice as I prefer the crunch!
Otherwise do follow the instruction on the packet on how to cook wild rice.

4. Vegetable of choice

I used tomatoes and capsicum (bell peppers).

5. Spices

For this sausage and rice recipe I only use mixed herbs and chilli flakes.
I have added cumin before and the sausage rice tasted so good, like briyani!!

2. Steps by Steps to cook sausage and rice in an Instant Pot

Photos showing on how to cook sausage rice.

saute onion
Using "Saute" on Instant pot,  sweat onion for 5 minutes.

Add diced capsicum
Add diced capsicum.

Add mixed herbs.
Add mixed herbs.
Alternative : Cumin seeds.

Add chilli flakes.
And chilli flakes.

Add soaked basmati rice into Instant pot.
Add soaked basmati rice into Instant pot.
Alternative : Long grain rice.

Add diced fresh tomatoes.
Add diced fresh tomatoes.

Add wild rice into Instant Pot to make sausage and rice
Add wild rice into Instant Pot to make sausage and rice.

Add cut up cooked sausages into the pot.
Add cut up cooked sausages into the pot.

Add water.
Add water.
Start to cook using "Rice" function on Instant pot.

Note: Once the rice is done, switch off the main and leave it for 15 minutes before opening the lid.

Sausage and rice is ready.
Sausage and rice is ready.

What goes with sausage and rice?

I prefer to have my sausage and rice with chilli oil.

Serve with some steam vegetables or roast brocolli would be nice too.

sausage with rice recipe

How long can I keep this sausage rice dish?

Sausage and rice dish best eaten when it is hot.
But if you have any leftover, best keep them in an air tight container and place them in refrigerator.

Heat the dish in microwave for lunch the next day.

Can I freeze sausage and rice?

It is not recommended to freeze sausage rice.

A change in rice texture and taste .

rice and sausage

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This easy sausage and rice recipe in Instant pot is definitely quick, less mess, filling, meaty and ideal for families.

Posted on 26th June 2009

Winter is knocking at our door.... too cold to do some fancy cooking... tap water can be cold and numb the delicate fingers!!!
hahaha.... as if
Quick and easy, one pot meal....will do thank you.