Delicious and Creamy Thai Chicken Green Curry

May 30, 2016

Thai Green Curry Chicken

Thai green curry chicken is an absolute comfort food, anytime of the year.

My hometown is in the north part of Malaysia, and just about half an hour drive to the Malaysia-Thailand border.
Most of our food/ cooking will have some Thai influence, be it  from the herb we used like coriander leaves, kaffir lime, lime, ginger flower or the fragrant tubers like galangal and ginger flower’s roots.
Thai blood runs in my vein, I guess that's why I love the taste of Thai food.

Thai green curry

I used about half a cup of green curry paste to make this scrumptious green curry chicken.
If I have pea-sized brinjals would be excellent for my green curry... but egg sized eggplant would do  just the same :).

I was glad to have found Thai eggplants, they are just the right size, not sappy, hold its shape quite well and perfect to my Thai green curry chicken :D

Plus its not often that one get to see egg-size eggplants/ brinjals known as Thai eggplants, on sale in the fresh vegetables and fruit grocer.

This is my first time, I came across Thai eggplants here in Perth. Perhaps, the grocer has been selling Thai eggplants all along but I just didn't notice.
I am waiting for the grocer to stock up wild pepper leaves or daun kaduk, then I am able to make Meang Kam (one bite wrap)~ tasty leaf tidbits... my favourite :D

Thai green curry


  1. Looks super comforting and delicious, Lisa.

    1. Thank you Angie, comfort food to warm up the belly ;)

  2. Yesterday I made Thai Green Curry with chicken for the first time in a very long time... so long in fact I wasn't sure that the colour was right. But looking at yours now it was just perfect. I actually found the pea brinjals and egg-sized brinjals in a pre-pack with green peppercorns, kaffir lime leaves and mange-tout at the supermarket yesterday. They never sell them separately though. Next time in shaa ALLAH I will try your green curry paste as it's been years since I've made that too.

    1. sounds like a packet of vegetables meant for green curry ;)


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