Delicious, Quick and Easy Banana Fritters from Malaysia

April 22, 2024
Easy mashed banana fritters, Malaysian style, are a great way to use overripe bananas.

cekodok pisang

What is banana fritters?

In Malaysia, there are 2 types of banana fritters.
The banana fritters can be fried as whole bananas called 'goreng pisang'.
The ones that use mashed bananas are known as cekodok pisang.

This banana fritter recipe is for mashed bananas!

Banana fritters or cekodok pisang are usually served at the breakfast table.
And sometimes eaten during the afternoon tea break, as a quick snack.
Malaysians do enjoy their banana fritters at any time of the day.

easy banana fritters recipe

Banana fritters ingredients

The list of ingredients and methods can be found in the recipe card below.

There are 2 simple ingredients that I wish to highlight here!

1. Bananas

Of course, to make banana fritters, you have to have bananas!!!
You can use overripe bananas or bananas that have turned black (as long as there is no mold).
blackened bananas

Do note that I weighed the bananas!
Bananas come in different sizes and weights.
To indicate bananas by numbers is a challenge.
You may end up with too much or too little banana mixture!

2. Flours

I used 2 types of flour: plain or all-purpose flour and rice flour.
Rice flour will give a crisp outer layer in making these banana fritters.

How to make banana fritters?

1. Mashed bananas

In a large bowl, mash bananas with a fork or potato masher.
peeled banana

mash banana with fork

lecek pisang

Add salt to the mashed bananas
add salt to mashed bananas

2. Sugars

Add white sugar to the mashed bananas
add sugar to mashed banana

Add raw sugar or brown sugar to the mixing bowl.
add raw sugar to mashed banana

3. Dry ingredients

Weigh plain flour (all-purpose flour) in another medium bowl, time to combine flour!
tepung gandum

Add rice flour to the bowl.
rice flour

Add baking powder.
add baking powder

Add baking soda.
add baking soda

Mix the flour mixture thoroughly.
mix flours

4. Making banana fritter batter!

Mix the dry ingredients with the wet ingredients.
Mix the dry ingredients with the wet ingredients.

Mix them thoroughly until the batter consistency is a little thinner than the banana cakey batter.
mix thoroughly

Mix them thoroughly until the batter consistency is a little thinner than the banana cakey batter.

Set aside for at least 30 minutes.
Set aside for at least 30 minutes.

5. Frying banana fritters

You can fill up your deep fryer or Dutch oven with enough oil (I used 3 cups here) to deep fry.
heat cooking oil
Heat the cooking oil to 160C (by candy thermometer) or dip a chopstick into the hot oil and observe the bubbles forming around that chopstick.

Use a small cookie scoop (or I used my hand as I am used to doing so when cooking cekodok), or drop spoonfuls of the batter into the hot oil.
drop batter in hot oil

Drop the batter one at a time.
handful batter

Fry until those little balls of dough puffed up and turned golden brown.
Fry until those little balls of dough puffed up

golden brown banana fritters

Dish them out with a slotted spoon onto kitchen paper towels.
dish out banana fritters

Serve them immediately.
Banana fritters are best eaten when they are hot.
freshly fried fritters

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how to make banana fritters

FAQ on Banana Fritters

1. Can I make banana fritter batter ahead of time?

It is best to make banana fritter batter on the day.

2. How do I keep these banana fritters?

You can keep them in an air-tight container for at least 24 hours.

3. Can I top the banana fritters with any syrup?

These banana fritters are sweetened with sugar hence no extra sugar or syrup is needed.

If you wish to drizzle syrup (maple syrup) or cinnamon sugar on the top of the fritters, then omit the sugars in the batter.

4. Can I use glutinous rice flour instead of rice flour?

Glutinous rice flour will make the fritters chewy hence, avoid mixing glutinous rice flour into the flour mixture.

I hope you enjoy this banana fritters recipe and hope you will make them soon when you have leftover bananas!

banana fritters easy recipe

Video on How to Make Malaysian Banana Fritters (Cekodok Pisang)


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