Cucur Kodok/ Mashed Banana fritters

March 20, 2010

Nice to have these Cucur Kodok or mashed banana fritters for breakfast or afternoon tea. A very humble snack ~ easy to do. If you have over ripe bananas ...that nearly turn black....don't 'bin' the bananas....mashed it and make fritters...
  • 5 Ripe bananas - mashed
  • 1 cup of plain flour (may need extra)
  • a pinch of salt
  • 3 tablespoon of sugar (extra if the banana is not super sweet!!)
  • enough water to make a very thick batter
  • Oil for deep frying
Heat up oil in a wok. Mix all the above ingredients in a mixing bowl to form a thick batter. Either by using tablespoon or 'fingers' dollop the batter in the hot oil. Fry until its golden in colour.


  1. Hi!

    Your cokodok is like mine light coloured. I have been trying to brown them a bit without getting them burnt. Maybe it's the type of pisang kut.


  2. Wiz,
    hmm... agree with you there blame it on the banana...hehehe

  3. Hi Ho Ho Ho ..

    I'm a friend of Ja. Dia dah promote your blog kata you pandai masak, so here I am ;-)

    Jemput2 pisang.. my fav. In fact anything to do with pisang is my fav. Sangat taksub!

    Have a nice day..

  4. Hi somuffins
    Thank you for dropping by...
    My friend tu macam tu la... tak berubah..hehehe..tq Ja!!

    You have a nice day too :)

  5. eceh ceh ceh, Cik Somuffins kita dah bersuara kat sinilaahhh.. I tukang peromot pun dok main nyorok2 je kat dapoq my fwen nih..

    Kas, masa zaman dolu, I punyalah anti coq kodok.. Bila terlepaih dok jauh drp mak pak, barulah tau appreciate.. sana mana ada pisang emas nak buat cekodok.. baru tau nak bersyukur..

  6. kak ja,
    Itu lumrah hidup...yg tak dak ..tu yg dia teringin... :)

  7. sometimes the simple cekodok is so yummy, kan?

  8. Kak Yati,
    Agree ... simple n yummy..