Yee Sang | Prosperity Toss Salad

February 05, 2021

Yee Sang, a dish symbolises Prosperity, Good Luck ,Great Health and all thing auspicious during Chinese New Year.

 yee sang


Yee Sang and Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year celebration will be incomplete (in my opinion...) if Yee Sang is not served within the 15 days of welcoming the Lunar calender..

Yee sang also known as Yusheng, Lau shang or Lo Hei and some may call this salad as Prosperity Toss Salad

What is Prosperity Toss Salad?

This dish symbolises Prosperity, Good Luck ,Great Health and all thing auspicious.

Some say it reflects our life journey that is fill with bitter, sad, sweet, happy memories.

 yu sheng

Yee sang consists of fresh crisp vegetable like carrot, radish. tender and sweet cucumber, bittersweet of grapefruit, sourish and sharp taste pickled ginger and crunchy crips wonton chips.

It kind of reflect our life journey?
Don't you think so?

You are most welcome to elaborate or share your knowledge... educate me on this point  through my comment box below.

 lau sang

What is in Yee Sang | 魚生?

Homemade Yee Sang is made of few components like carrots, radish, cucumber, pickled ginger, salmon, grapefruit, seaweed, chinese five spice, sesame seeds, white pepper, honey and plum sauce.

A "How To" video and printable recipe can be found at the end of the post.

1. Carrot
2. Radish
3. Cucumber
4. Wonton Skins to make wonton chips
 wonton skins
5. Grapefruit
6. Fresh salmon
 fresh salmon
7. Pickled ginger, plum sauce, honey and spice
spice and sauces for yee sang
how to make yee sang
pickled ginger

8. Seaweed
 sea weed

How to Toss this Prosperity Salad?

And finally, get everyone in the household to toss and mix them up.

It will be a 'messy' experience as everyone will start tossing as high as they could for "Good Luck"!
 how to toss yee sang

Can I refrigerate leftover Yee Sang?

Yee sang is best eaten on the day it is made, right after tossing!

With fresh salmon as one of the ingredients, it is NOT advisable to keep for the next day. 

Even if you opt out salmon in your prosperity toss salad, the taste of soggy wonton chips is less desirable!

  ingredients for yee sang

Home made Yee Sang

As you can see, it is so easy to make your own yee sang.
It saves you a lot money!!

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Golden fried wonton

 Spices and sauces for lau sang


Yee Sang, a dish symbolises Prosperity, Good Luck ,Great Health and all thing auspicious during Chinese New Year.

What I wrote back in March 2013

The first time I ever had Yee sang was in the late 80's when I started to work in Kuala Lumpur.

From then on... I looked forward to have either company sponsored lunches or having a business lunches with either client or contractor, in some fancy restaurants, within that 15 days of Lunar celebration, where most of restaurants would serve Yee Sang... (I was on meagre pay...sob sob.. and a cheapskate... hehehe , so always hoping for free Lunches...yippee..)

It was (and still is...) time to be merry, happy and feasting...
Everyone wants to eat their way to good luck and prosperity ... I can tell you ... the only party that is happy, every time his cash till went... 'kerching...kerching...' is the restaurant owner...

Oh yes!!! Yee Sang came with a price tag... almost cut throat!!! Unfortunately...for 'almost' the past 9 years since moving Down Under... I had not had any "restaurant version" of Yee Sang...

 However, we chanced upon a box of pre-pack Yee Sang essentials minus the fish (of course) and with lots of what looked like preserved vegetables, in our local Asian grocer.
It was $10/ box. It was ok ~ taste wise but we weren't too keen on the colourful 'preserved' vegetables... so we thought that this year we will... at least... attempt to make our own... ... and it turned out to be fresh, crisp and scrumptious homemade Yee Sang 
Definitely a keeper...
 Have a lovely wonderful weekend...
 signing off with Love...

Don't forget to try Asian slaw too for your Chinese new year celebration.


  1. This is so beautiful and delicious, Lisa. Love Yinyang sesame :-)

  2. Looking at your beautiful Yee Sang, I should tell myself too that I should make this next year! And I like how you do the black/white sesame seeds in "Yin & Yang". Beautiful.

    1. Yes you can Mel... we'll try again next year :D

  3. Mouthwateringly delicious! This salad looks ever so good. I love that sesame seed yin-yang symbol...



  4. Hi Lisa! Love your version of YuSheng... Fresh and yummy! ... Like Mel, I love the "Taiji" design of the sesame seeds... I have to commend and salute you for the effort!

    You have a great weekend too!

  5. Great job with the homemade yee sang. It's simple but looks delicious. The one thing I always look forward to during CNY!

  6. Thanks for sharing. This looks good ;)

  7. Black and white sesame seeds look so different here! I mean the Tai Chi symbol : ).

  8. I've seen many post about Yee Sang but your recipe and description was the easiest visual and recipe! Now I see what is really in this salad! As always great shot!

  9. Oh, you're torturing me! This salad looks so good! The salmon has such beautiful color!

  10. Wow, this looks so fresh and delicious! What a great way to curb a raw fish craving!