Easy Chilli Prawns Recipe

April 30, 2019

Easy slightly spicy chilli prawns uses simple, fresh and ingredients that will leave you with sticky fingers and a smile of fully satiated.

Prawns in sweet chilli sauce

Food story

Have you heard and taste chilli crabs before?

Those chilli crabs tasted so good that we could spent, easily 2 hours, just to savour the delicious crab dish, mob the sweet sauce with either fried mantou (chinese steam bread) or rice.
Not a drop left after that 2 hour session!

Crab was not that pricey in year 2005 to 2009.
It would cost us around AUD$8 per kg, max was AUD$10/ kg, as far as I could remember.
We would have chilli crab more than once, during those years.

10 years on, the price has doubled!

Hence we stop buying crabs.

We found an alternative. We substitute crabs with Mantis Prawns.

This easy chilli prawns taste as good as chilli crabs.

Asian garlic chilli prawns recipe

Ingredients and Steps in Cooking Chilli Prawns.

List of ingredients and steps on how to cook this chilli prawns is at the bottom of the post.

1) Mantis Prawns or any other type of prawns, tiger prawns, green prawns or king prawns are ok to use for this recipe.

Fresh mantis prawns
2) Saute ginge and garlic saute ginger
3) Add chilli sauce, tomato sauce, fish sauce tomato sauce
4) Add diced tomatoes add diced tomato
5) Add mantis prawns cooking mantis prawns
6) Add egg add egg to chilli prawns

No Difference of using Crabs or Prawns

To be honest, its the sauce!
It makes no difference if either crabs or prawns are used to make this chilli crab or chilli prawns.

It has that seafood sweetness in both, it has the same deliciousness that makes us want to lick the whole pot. I came out with this easy chilli prawns recipe just because crabs are too pricey for my liking!

And I much prefer to have this sweet chilli prawns better (LOL... sour grape talk!)

Delicious chilli prawns
Serve Easy Chilli Prawns with either hot steamed rice or Chinese fried bread known as mantou.
Not recommended to re heat as the prawns might be overcook and become chewy.


You can use any type of prawns. I am using mantis prawns because my kids love mantis prawns.

A quick note on mantis prawns, they have not much flesh within them.

Do be careful with the thorny bit that may cut your lips when you are biting into them.

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Easy chilli prawns recipe uses simple, fresh and ingredients that will leave you with sticky fingers and a smile of fully satiated tummy. Easy chilli prawns is a spin off the famous Asian chilli crabs.