Butter Prawns

May 16, 2019

Butter prawns, Malaysians favourite dish, with crunchy oats bits and rich creamy egg floss.

Malaysian Butter prawns

Food and Story

One of our many favourite prawn dishes, but unfortunately, I don't cook butter prawns often.

Kitchen will end up in an oily mess. I just dislike the feeling of stepping on streaky, oily floor!

But my 2 adult kids love butter prawns, that were covered in crunchy, sweet egg floss, bits of crunchy oats, crispy curry leaves, a notch of chilli heat and the pandan fragrant in a plate.

It's the umami of Malaysian seafood scene!

cereal butter prawns

Preparing Prawns

Preparing the prawns is the easiest part of this butter prawn dish.

Slit the shell at 'back' of the prawns with a sharp knife.

Either use the same knife or toothpick to take out the green dirt or gut off the prawns.

Note : You must  take the gut, or else, there might be some sands lodge in the prawn gut.

How to clean prawns

removing prawns guts

Making Egg Floss

Making the egg floss can be a little tricky!

Both hands are required at this stage.
One hand to hold the container while making sure that the eggs were poured in a steady stream.
While the other has to vigorously stir the eggs in the wok.

I leave this tricky bit for hubby to deal with.

Once the egg are nice and golden in colour, pour the buttery egg floss mixture into a strainer with a bowl underneath to catch the buttery liquid.

egg floss
egg floss on kitchen paper
Set aside the egg floss once, it drained of the excess buttery liquid.

Cooking Butter Prawns

Cooking butter prawns is fairly easy, once we have all the ingredients ready.
Using gas stove is the  best.

To have a nice charred prawns, high heat from gas stove will give that aroma and charred look to my tiger prawns.
Depending on the amount and how big the wok is, it should take 5 to 8 minutes to cook the prawns.
The rest of the method on how to cook butter prawns are in the printable recipe card below.

Asian butter prawns

How to keep Butter Prawns?

Butter prawns are best eaten immediately after its cooked.

The crispy oats, the crunchy of the egg floss or even the prawns shell will lose out its texture the next day.

butter prawns with egg floss

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Note : 

This is an updated post my 2011 Butter Prawns post, with printable recipe... yay :D

Butter prawns with pandan and curry leaves


  1. Oh-la-la.... Finally I get to see this recipe.... Looks really nice and of course makes my mouth water cos I am a huge fan if udang.... Well done!!

  2. uishh, udang ni sungguh la mengancam....terlior jadinya...nak ke kedai snow byk pula....

  3. yum, looks amazingly delicious!

  4. I love this dish too. I also have not seen it on any menus in any Msian restaurants in Sydney.

  5. Hi Lisa, Lovely to meet you and thanks for dropping by my blog. Wow, I'm so impressed, the egg floss looks perfect. I couldn't get my egg floss so fine. Adding pandan and garlic sounds delicious, and I see you used ordinary milk, good to know. I thought it had to be evaporated milk. How I wish Malaysian restaurants here in Sydney would put this on their menu too (so far haven't seen it yet).

  6. it really looks delicious, the prawns fabulous, but to be honest with you, i can't get over the name of "floss" lol.

  7. Charmaine,
    Hmmm... wonder why? maybe its not favourite.. :(

  8. Shaz,
    I love tweaking recipes with whatever I have in my larder or fridge... keeping everything cross that the dish will turn out edible .. :D

  9. ++MIRA++
    Not the usual cotton candy (candy floss) ;)

  10. YUM, I looove looove this dish. Going to devour this when I am home in Malaysia. :)

  11. The egg floss is genius! The curry and pandan leaves are nice touches too.

  12. I could see myself literally eat those like popcorn. One shrimp at a time of course :).

  13. I love this! Pandan is an interesting addition. Have to try this soon!

  14. Rasa Malaysia,
    Have a safe trip home and enjoy Penang foodhaven... :)

  15. Dexie,
    It is addictive... my daughter ate everything even the shells... she loves the crunch :D...

  16. pigpigscorner,
    Alltime favourite :)...

  17. This is gorgeous, Lisa! I am thinking this would be timely for CNY!

  18. Very nice egg floss, worth the efforts : ).

  19. My husband is absolutely crazy for shrimp - these would make him very happy! :D

  20. Shirley@Kokken69,
    Thank you Shirley...
    Yes...Prawns for CNY and the price (Malaysia)sky rocketed during this period. Is it the same in Singapore too?

  21. TasteHongKong,
    Thank you... when I see the smile of satisfaction on the kids' face... yes.. its worth the effort :)

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  23. Egg floss. Why didn't I think of that. Genius.

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