A Quick Stir-fry Prawns with Vegemite and Oats

December 05, 2014

Crispy Vegemite Oats Prawns

With a little spoonful of vegemite to create this Crispy Oats Vegemite Prawns, gives you a totally different taste, dimension to vegemite as you would spread it on toast.

Vegemite... vegemite!
Either you love it or dislike the taste!
Its like marmite or Bovrils to the Brits. Its a dark almost black paste in a jar.
Once unscrew the jar, have a quick sniff, and you will be put off by the aroma. Its salty, apparently it goes very well with toast, so I was told.

The two men in the house, love it, while the 2 ladies... well ... just the opposite! :O.
Its an acquired taste.. and after 10 years,
I have yet to develop the liking... 'acquire' the taste of vegemite on toast or crackers, lots of persuasion on the boys' part just not enough to convince me to spread vegemite on my toast ;P

Its like having my caucasian friends to sniff at belacan or prawn paste!!! Its an acquired smell and taste ;P

Crispy Vegemite Oats Prawns

I don't mind having a splash of Vegemite in this prawns dish.

I can't even taste of vegemite, in fact, it tasted good. This dish could rival Pandan Buttered Prawns with egg floss, I posted 3 years ago.

Who would have thought..... right?>

An Aussie breakfast icon, served for dinner as a fusion Aussie-Asian dish.

Hope you enjoy this dish.

Crispy Vegemite Oats Prawns


  1. An interesting combination! I use a lot the Swiss version of Vegemite (Cenovis) and I love the flavor this paste gives to food....



  2. I love the flavour too. Those giant prawns look so awesome, Lisa.

  3. I love Vegemite. I used to put vegemite in my plain porridge to eat but of course having vegemite cooking this prawn dish sounds much more tastier than porridge.