Cranberry Walnut Cookies

November 09, 2017

Melt in the mouth, delicious and addictive Cranberry and Walnut cookies.

Cranberry and walnut cookies

What does cranberry and walnut reminds you of?

End of year holiday season is fast approaching, and I thought of sharing my baking earlier this year.
Last year, I re-posted my Gingerbread house, complete with cut-out plan/ dimensions. As well as Christmas mince pies.

 Three years ago I baked this gorgeous, delicious melt in mouth, Rosemary Seasalt sables.
In year 2012, I baked Spritzen Christmas Wreath, a recipe from a reader residing in Europe.

Finally my cute little Reindeer Macarons :D.

Cranberry cookies

Addictive Cranberry Walnut Cookies

Year 2017, I baked another addictive Cranberries and Walnut cookies (recipe courtesy from my lovely sister).

I baked Cranberries and Walnut cookies for our recent Eid celebration.
It was a hit!

Once start, we just couldn't stop popping one after another into our mouth.

How to Bake Cranberry Walnut Cookies?

Cranberry Walnut Cookies is one of the easiest cookies to bake, in my humble opinion.

Simply chopped dried cranberries, and walnut.

Get all the staple ingredients to make cookies ready.

Cream butter and sugar.

Final stage mix them all.

chopping dried cranberries
essential ingredients for cranberries and walnut cookies
refrigerated and sliced Cranberries and walnut cookie doughCranberries and walnut cookies , out from oven.

How to Bake Cranberry Walnut Cookies Video

Bonus addition!!!

These gorgeous Cranberries and Walnut cookies are so easy to bake that I thought of sharing :D and I made a video too :).
You can find the video just above the recipe below.

These cranberries and walnut cookies makes an excellent gifts for families and friends this Christmas.

How to shape the Cranberry Walnut Cookies? 

Which is best to shape the Cranberry Walnut Cookies, to just dollop, drop as the dough is soft or to roll, refrigerate and cut?

Which would you prefer?

As you may have noticed from the video, that this Cranberries and walnut cookie dough are pretty much on the "softer" side.
My first baked (for Eid), I did the spoon thingy the dough to try to make it like a ball.
However, my Cranberries and walnut cookies didn't turn out pretty :( , no compromise on the taste and texture whatsoever.. its just NOT PRETTY!!!

And I hear a voice, echoing...

No I am not hallucinating over these cookies :( (that voice ~non other than my number 1 critique : hubby :P)

"how to share and convince others that these are good bake, when all I can see are out of shape, not so exciting, enticing looking little Cranberries and walnut cookies?"

Point taken!!!
and here it is... the nice even shaped Cranberries and Walnut cookies.

How to Keep these Cranberry Walnut Cookies?

Keep it in any airtight container will suffice.

Believe you me, you will find your hand reaching out for the jar until only crumbs left.

Cranberries and walnut cookies baked to perfection

Video on How to Bake Cranberry and Walnut Cookies

Enjoy the bake and enjoy my short video below :D.

Cranberries and Walnut Cookies recipe. Melt in the mouth, delicious and addictive Cranberries and walnut cookies. These cranberries and walnut cookies makes an excellent gifts for families and friends this Christmas.


  1. Definitely bake some for the holiday cookie tray! They look seriously yummy and addictive, Lisa.

  2. Yummy and easy! I love these. I actually just made cranberry ginger cookies over the weekend that were awesome. I'm actually not a huge fan of walnuts, do you think pecans would work just as well?

    1. Oh cranberry and ginger sounds awesome too :)

      Definitely you can use pecans, my sister’s original recipe uses cashews but a packet of cashews are so expensive hence walnuts :D

  3. I think its tempting and it looks really good too. You just being humble! If you don't mind, I can polish off for you. haha....
    Blessings, Kristy


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