Rosemary Seasalt Sables

Rosemary cookies

Oh my!!! its already mid-December. We are coming to the end of 2014.
Its time to bake some melt in the mouth Rosemary Seasalt Sables.

This year, like previous years, gone by so fast, feels like the ticking second hand, ticks at double its speeds.

What does December means to you? How do you feel about December month?

I had always love December...
To the young me ~ December was the month, I get to enjoy waking up later than usual and played the whole day. School was out from mid November to new year.
December ~ the starting of the drought season...
... it brought along easterly wind hence 'cooler' weather. I remembered that some December days can be so 'cold' that my mom's cooking oil turned solid!
I loved it when I had to put on a cardigan, to combat the morning chill....  and imagined I was in some far away land... waiting for its first snow drop.

Of course, no such luck as my home was in the equator ;P

December was my happy month...
... when school booklist was out and dad bought me new books, new stationeries, new school uniform, new school shoes...
love.. love ... love the smell of new books, and couldn't wait for school to start, so I could show off my everything 'new' to friends ;P

Rosemary Seasalt Sablés

Just as December brought me happiness in my childhood...
December has opposite effect in my life in adulthood ....

As the second hand in the clock, moving twice its normal speed, new year comes and gone by ever so quickly...
and comes December... I'll be having a mix feeling...
Feeling that is difficult to describe... its kind of happy, sad and full of anxiety.
Happy ~ everyone will be home, no school, no uni and work shut down for 2 weeks.
Sad ~ that feeling of 'I should do this instead of that' starts playing like a movie in my head

And this year... 'anxiety' tilt the balance...
I am having a knee arthroscopy (it will be *had* by the time this post is published).
My third time having to do with hospitals in December!!!
Nothing major this time, but the pain and discomfort is unthinkable (at the moment)

So wish me luck, and hope that this is the last December ever... no more hospitals!!!

Rosemary Seasalt Sablés

To get my mind of things...the best therapy for me is to either eat or bake... and I chose the later! I can't afford to put my knee at risk of carrying my extra weight ...
I have to be the doctor said I have an early onset of arthritis...

So I baked these... Rosemary Seasalt Sables adapted from Pierre Hermes' Olive sables :D
I baked 3 batches, using 3 types of butter : Homebrand, Lurpak and Meadow Lea.

Without doubt, Lurpak is the best... buttery taste, melt in the mouth but didn't hold its shape well...
While Meadow Lea is less buttery but hold its shape well even without refrigerating the dough.
and Home brand... its good but not as good as the 2 above ;P

Packed some as Christmas gifts to my good neighbours and good friend... hope they enjoy these as much as we do :D
Other Christmas cookies that you can bake ... Spritzen Christmas wreath and Lavender Cookies.

Rosemary Seasalt Sablés

Rosemary Seasalt Sables

adapted with changes from Pierre Hermes' original recipe "Olive Sables"
Makes approximate150 pieces

1 large hardboiled egg (yolk only)
300g plain flour
45g potato starch
200g unsalted butter
75ml olive oil
100g icing sugar
5g chopped rosemary
5g sea salt
  1. Boil an egg and discard the egg white
  2. Strain yolk into a small bowl
  3. Sift plain flour and potato starch into a medium size bowl
  4. Whisk butter at room temperature until creamy
  5. Add sugar and keep on whisking until creamy
  6. Add olive oil, strained egg yolk and sea salt
  7. Mix well
  8. Using a rubber spatula, add flour mix and chopped rosemary
  9. Mix well to combine
  10. Spoon the dough into a piping bag fitted with star nozzle*
  11. Pipe in circular shape rosette onto greaseproof paper
  12. Refrigerate for at least 15 minutes
  13. Preheat oven to 160C
  14. Bake for 15-17 minutes or until the edges turn golden
  15. Rotate the tray half way through baking
  16. Transfer to a cooling rack
*optional: roll the dough into a log, refrigerate and cut into approximately 5mm thick


  1. So pretty and tempting! A wonderful flavor combination.



  2. I LOVE sable cookies.. so I know that I would definitely adore these rosemary and sea salt sables. A recipe I need to try!

  3. These look buttery and tempting! Love the add of rosemary, Lisa.
    Happy Holidays!