Duck Eggs Marble Cake

November 17, 2017

Simple and delicious Duck Eggs Marble Cake. 

Marble cake recipe.

I got some duck eggs and I baked Marble Cake.
This is my first time ever using duck eggs in my baking!

What about you?

Done any baking or cooking using duck eggs?

Do share in the comment below, your family recipes using duck eggs. I would love to know more :D.

duck eggs in basket
Truth is ... its not easy to get hold of fresh duck eggs.

In my 13 going 14 years living in Perth, duck eggs can be found in the Asian grocer and they were already salted.

Salted duck eggs are best served with rice porridge (congee) or hot steam rice (eating salted duck eggs and rice, were my late mom's favourite, staple simple dish during fasting in Ramadan).

One must so desperate and willing to part with good dollars, in order to have some fresh duck eggs!

Yes they are pricey!!!
richer yellow in these duck egg yolks
I was lucky that I didn't have to pay such price.
My duck eggs came all the way from Bunbury, and they were not pricey at all.

What could one do with duck eggs?

Here are my findings:

Duck eggs are much better than chicken eggs.
Duck eggs have higher yolk ratio to white, hence contain more fat which makes any bakes especially cakes.
Duck eggs makes the cake much lighter and fluffier.
Pies will be richer in taste.

One interesting information that I came across, in baking competition, duck eggs were used in their pies, or cakes.
Is it true?

Delicious marble cake
Ready to bake...

And my choice was, to go with a simple Marble cake. Nothing could go wrong with baking marble cake, right?

The only problem was, my marbling, especially the chocolate batter was insufficient to have a full marbling effect.

The shortfall in marbling of this Duck eggs Marble Cake has no bearing on the taste.
Only crumbs left in my cake container after the second day :D

Simple and delicious marble cake using duck eggs.

Lighter and fluffier marble cake


  1. when do you add the melted butter it doesn't say when to add??

    1. Hi Colleen,
      Thank you for pointing out to me. I have updated the recipe :D

  2. In live in Canada. Just need some clarification on the use of 'corn flour'? We have corn meal, a very fine textured corn product (polenta like), we do have corn flour which is flour and we have cornstarch which we use as a thickener. Which one of these 3 products are you referring to in your recipe? Thank you.

    1. Hi JOJOKITTY,
      In Australia and UK, cornstarch and cornflour refers to the same thing.
      White powder flour that we use as thickener.

      Definitely NOT corn meal :D

  3. I was hoping this cake turned outamazing but unfortunately for the number of eggs used in this recipe, the cake had very little rise and that was disappointing. It was not bad tasting (definitely taste the duck eggs), but think the sugar, butter, flour ratio needs to be revisited. Not sure if the fact that I used a bunt pan had anything to do with the little rise but apart from that, I followed the recipe exactly

    1. Hi
      Sorry it did not turn out as what you expected.
      The cake ratio in this recipe is about right 1:1:1:1.
      It may be other factor that stunted the rise, like prep work, mixing or even oven temperature.
      I will try to re-visit the recipe with bundt pan if I can find duck eggs {its a rare commodity here :( }

  4. I'd like to try this--anyway you can convert to standard measure from metric?

    1. Hiya,
      The reason why I am using metric is that, some bakes require certain amount of ratio in terms of weight.
      A commenter using the exact same recipe but different pan and outcome was not the same.


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