Instant Pot Beef Rendang Recipe

March 31, 2021
Authentic and delicious Beef Rendang recipe ever!
 Beef rendang

What is Rendang?

Rendang is a 'rich' in flavour meat dish, sometimes can be mistaken as curry.

Most common meat used is beef. 

Those beef pieces were slow cooked to fork tender, infused with the spices and herbs, that gives its rich and intense flavour.

Rendang is cooked until gravy thicken to almost dry.

What is the difference between beef curry and beef rendang?

1. Flavour

Unlike curry, rendang has more depth and intense in taste.

2. Gravy

Rendang is drier than curry.

3. Spices and Herbs

There are some common spices used in both, curry and rendang, like cumin, coriander, turmeric and chillies.
Fresh turmeric and galangal that separates curries and rendang.


How to Cook Beef Rendang using Instant Pot?

Printable recipe is at the end of the post.

The most important thing to note is that choosing the correct type of beef cut is important in making a top notch, out of this world beef rendang!

1. Beef Cut
You must buy cheap beef cut.
Yes you hear me correctly, a cheap cut like gravy beef, beef cheek, casserole beef, beef fingers or beef cuts that require long simmering time.

My preferred cut is always gravy beef.

 Gravy Beef

2. Blend and grind spices 
Listed in the recipe card below

 Blended chilies

3. Prepare ahead
Fried shallots and pan roasted coconut paste.

4. Switch on Instant pot and select Saute mode.

  Instant Pot
  Shallot oil

5. Saute the spices and chillies mixture until oil splits
 Spices for rendangRendang paste
 Add gravy beef to rendang paste

6. Add beef and other condiments

7. Start Instant pot.

8. Natural release
Once instant pot is done, let it rest (natural release) for 15 minutes

9. then add turmeric leaves, coconut paste (kerisik), sugar and salt

 REndang daging

6. Transfer to wok to make the reduced and thicken gravy.

 Masak rendang daging yang sedap

Can I continue cooking my beef rendang in Instant Pot?

I highly recommend transferring your nearly done beef rendang to a wok preferably.

First, I am not able to control the heat from Instant pot when it is in its "saute" mode, hence the probability that I might end up with "Burnt" beef rendang is very high.

Secondly, my fork tender beef pieces will fall into shreds if I were to keep stirring in the Instant Pot.

Thirdly, wok has wider opening, therefore easier for evaporation process (a little bit science lesson!! :P )

Can I cook my beef rendang on the stove?

Yes you can.

Just follow the same steps as in the recipe card below and instead of using instant pot, just use normal pot.
Just so you know, your beef rendang will be fork tender in 2-3 hours.

 Randang recipe

Can beef rendang be frozen?

Definitely, beef rendang can be frozen in an air tight container for at least 3 months.

Just keep in the fridge overnight and either microwave or re-cook beef rendang thoroughly in pan before  consuming.

Video on 'How to Cook the Best Beef Rendang" using Instant Pot

 Authentic, delicious and luscious bite size Beef Rendang recipe ever! Beef pieces are cooked in lots of spices, coconut milk till fork tender. The gravy is simmered down to almost dry and yet coat the beef to give more intense and depth in taste. Serve Beef Rendang with Lemang