Easy Malaysian Chicken Rendang

June 04, 2017
Chicken rendang is a well known dish among Malaysians and in the South-East Asia region.

Malaysian Chicken Rendang recipe

What is Chicken rendang?

Chicken rendang is pieces cooked in coconut milk, blended chillies with some Asian spices and herbs.

Chicken rendang is rich, aromatic dish serve with hot steam rice or sticky glutinous rice.
Ramadan has started and I am craving for some good, mouth watering home cook chicken rendang.

Point to take note, this version of chicken rendang originate from one of sates in Malaysia, known as Perak.

There are few version of chicken rendang but to me this is the easiest to cook.

Delicous, spicy chicken rendang

 When it comes to eating, Malaysians are known to have travelled miles and miles, just to enjoy a good meal with family and friends.

I did that "crazy thing" at one stage in my life: making a bee line just to have the 'best nasi lemak' in town or travelled to some remote villages for the best seafood.

in the end of it all, the best food ever, is always at home, cooked with love.

And this chicken rendang is it :P.

Resipi rendang ayam yang sedap

There are many varieties of rendang; there are  dry rendang or the one with lots of sauce (gravy) rendang, beef rendang or chicken rendang.

Thanks to my sister and my brother-in-law (Pak Ngah as he is known to his nieces and nephews) for this easy chicken rendang recipe.

For years and for every Eid celebrations, my brother-in-law, without fail will cook us, this chicken rendang.

We will have these mouth watering chicken rendang, serve with glutinous rice known as lemang (or ketupat) on the first day of Eid.
Kids love their Pak Ngah's  rendang.

I'd call this an easy, no fuss chicken rendang.

There is no marinating, no cooking the spice until the oil splits and no slaving by the stoves for hours, unless you prefer the dry rendang version with chicken meat fall of the bones!

Give this chicken rendang a try, you will be wanting for more... trust me :).

Malaysian Chicken Rendang is a well known dish among Malaysians and the South-East Asia region.

Last but not least... an exciting part of the post ;P

Video on How to cook chicken rendang

Flavourful chicken rendang


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