Roasted coconut paste

April 07, 2017

This week post will be about simple cooking or may be call it prep work!

I am showing you as per video above, on How to make roasted coconut paste using microwave oven.
If you happen to come across the word 'Kerisik', in many Malay cooking, its the same thing that we are referring to.
Roasted coconut paste or some may call it toasted coconut paste is an essential ingredients in most Malaysian cooking.
The purpose of having the playlist above, is to share some "prep" work prior to major cook out in Malaysian cooking :D
Hopefully, in future whenever, I mentioned 'kerisik' or 'roasted coconut paste' you will at least have some idea what it is and how to go about making it, the easier way ;P.

How does Roasted coconut paste taste like?

Heaven on earth :p LOL
Roasted coconut paste taste more nutty than creamy.

Chicken curry will taste marvellous with a dollop or two tablespoon of roasted coconut paste.
A must have ingredient in either beef rendang or chicken rendang or
Again a star ingredient in making Malaysian salad or known as kerabu.
Roasted coconut paste recipe

How roasted coconut paste was done before the microwave oven ever invented?

They fry and fry and fry...

My mom, her mom and all the older generations used freshly grated coconut.
Only the white flesh is used.
They then dry fry the freshly grated coconut in a wok until the grated coconut turned deep brown colour. The aroma of coconut frying in a wok is heavenly!

They then transfer the heavenly aroma, readily piping hot roasted coconut into a mortar and pestle.
I was given this task by my mom to pound.
Thunderous serious pounding took place, trying to minimise wastage of roasted coconut spewing everywhere!

My arm would ached by the time my roasted coconut reach that creamy, shiny and oily consistency.

Roasted coconut paste is nutty and flavourful to most Asian dishes

How to store kerisik / roasted coconut paste?

In a clean bottle :D

If you are planning to use it immediately, say within a week, its okay to leave the bottle at the dark corner of your larder.
Otherwise, I recommend to put it in the fridge.

How to make toasted coconut for curries

This is how the end product of roasted coconut paste should look like, gleaming with good nutty coconut oil :D

Note: I only used desiccated coconut, as freshly grated coconut is hard to come by in PERTH!!!!

A short video on how to make roasted coconut paste known as kerisik in Malay, using microwave oven. Roasted coconut paste or Kerisik is widely used in Malaysian cooking.  Roasted coconut paste gives a nutty creamy taste to any dishes.


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