Hummingbird Cake

June 06, 2016

Hummingbird Cake

Last birthday cake for 2016... and it has to be Hummingbird Cake :D
for my one and only girl. She turned 19... I am getting O.L.D.

I have been baking birthdays cakes since they were young (except for few occasions when HR Laziness took over my life).
Plus I have this space to showcase my repertoire ;P

Not bad eh   ;P
Piano Cake, Pecan Pie Cake, Raspberry Chocolate Torte, Black Forest Gateau, Blue Ombre Cake, Butter Cake with Fresh Cream and Summer fruits, Pinata Chocolate Cake, Opera Cake and now this... :D

Humming bird Cake

One of the ‘challenges’ when it comes to baking a cake...  BIRTHDAY cake!!! is when the person celebrating birthday is unsure of the cake he/she would like to have!

When asked, followed by a reply... "Surprise Me!" is not an answer I am wanting to hear.

I'll surprise her with Hummingbird Cake, she loves pineapple, ok with banana with a bit cinnamon-y taste .
(she looked horrified when I was frantically looking for the 2 bananas... "Mom, you are not baking me a banana cake!!, Are you?"... ). Excuse me, young lady!... there is nothing wrong with BANANA cake!!! ;P

afterall I’ve read much about hummingbird cake in the past.

but wait....I have another hurdle to jump! A daunting task awaiting...

Hummingbird has cream cheese frosting all over.


My creativity has its limits... I can have lots of ideas but when it comes down to frosting.... I am sloppy, very sloppy! evidence in all my bakes :(.

And to add salt to my already bleeding open wound, my Hummingbird cake was lopsided.

oh!! whateva!!!

The final touches that makes it all ok again. I was chaffed with my pineapple roses :D.

I made some changes to Mrs LH Wiggins' (of Greensboro, North Carolina) hummingbird cake, especially the sugar content in both cake and frosting.
Both side of families has over load of sugar in their blood stream, so I need to exercise caution on our sugar intake.
And I substitute pecan with walnut...(I need to finish off the packet of walnut in my pantry ;p)

Click on the word highlighted above to take you to the original recipe.

Hummingbird Cake


  1. It looks really beautiful! I love esp. those pineapple flowers.

  2. I totally agree with Angie, your cake is really beautiful and elegant especially with the charred pineapple flowers. Great Job Lisa

    1. Thank you, Veronica for your kind words :D

  3. Great flavors in this cake and you taught me something with the execution. Very elegant.

  4. I've never heard of hummingbird cake- it looks beautiful!!! I love the pineapple on top- great job!

    1. Thank you, Sarah. It is to mask the sloppy frosting job ;P

  5. I had this cake for the first time recently and it was tasty! Your recipe sounds great! I look forward to trying it.

  6. Your cake is much prettier than mine would've been! I think all said, you handled "surprise me" quite well!

  7. Your cake looks amazing! I would have never known it was lopsided even without the beautiful decor! Wish I could have a bite right now :)

    1. Thank you Sandra for your kind words.
      Did my best to snap the less obvious hehehe :P


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