Family Favourite Butter Cake

January 16, 2015

butter cake recipe

Perfect Butter Cake with Fresh Cream and Summer Fruits for...

Its his birthday... its his birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you
Another year older, another year wiser... ...with more 'salt and pepper' along with receding hair too

Here comes the January baby... another milestone added to the 'Age is just a Number'! 

butter cake recipe

 Thinking of 'What to buy', as a birthday gift for someone who has reached this 'golden' age can be quite a challenge.
He has the least 'wants' among all of us.

Kids came and asked "what shall we get dad for his birthday, mom?"
My reply (the same reply, every year...)"get him something practical, something that he can use either at home or work!"
Kids : "Shall we get him a wallet? a belt?".
Me : Forget about the belt... he just bought two, one for himself and another for you son (when he was back visiting his dad in Malaysia during Xmas holidays)

Kids went "awww... dad!!!" knowing that their options has narrowed down to... ONE!!!
Well... I said, you can buy him his favourite cologne, the bottle is nearly empty :D

butter cake with fresh cream

 The two went birthday present hunting together...
SMSes and MMSes were bouncing to and fro,

Wallet? How much? $200 plus? too exxy!!!
Shirt? Size? sleeve length? too long!!!
OK... we got him the cologne!!!
I guessed they felt exasperated and tired by then... 

butter cake

and when it comes to cake... there are only 2 types that he loves, not much of a choice..huh!!! 
Its either a mud cake or a butter cake! 

 And a good butter cake must be moist with very fine and smooth crumbs (definition of a good butter cake according to him)
I have yet to find a good butter cake, so he said.

 Remember, Mrs Menon's butter cake?, I asked.
It was too sweet for my liking and the crumbs was coarser, came his reply.... adoi mak!!! (malay expression equivalent to roll eyes)

Butter cake and summer fruits

 With Mr Google always at my finger tip, I came across this butter cake recipe (link provided in the recipe below). And as for frosting, I didn't want to make buttercream frosting... butter on butter... no! too much butter, too rich!!!

 Fresh cream it is... and with lovely summer fruits

Butter Cake

 Did he like his birthday cake??? was the crumb too coarse? was it soft?

Well, I really can't tell... but what I can say is...since I have to refrigerate the cake to keep the fresh cream fresh.... and to keep summer fruits from going all soft and wilted, the cake was compromise!!! myBad :(

Perhaps I should leave the cake out for a wee bit longer to take off the chill before consuming... ;)
Texture wise ~ I am confident I am almost there, less coarser crumbs
Taste wise ~ buttery and level of sweetness is just perfect to our tastebuds

But one thing that I must do (for sure)...  is to re-bake this butter cake and NOT refrigerate it this time!!!

Butter cake and summer fruits


  1. Happy Birthday to your husband! This cake looks fantastic.



  2. Happy birthday to your hubby. I am so in love wt the photos. Subject is sharp whilst background is blur. Can u share how u set the camera setting and brand/model of the camera used.

    1. Terimakasih Azie :D

      I have Nikon D7000 and most of the food shots were taken with prime lens 50mm.
      You are welcome to visit my flickr webpage to see the camera settings.
      Link :

  3. Beautiful cake...I love how you decorated with fresh fruits on it...I am sure that if the cake was left out of rate fridge it would have a softer crumb...
    Happy Birthday to your husband...enjoy your weekend Lisa :)

  4. How beautiful! Happy birthday to your husband, Lisa!

  5. This looks gorgeous and delicious. Happy birthday to your husband. :)

  6. Happy Birthday to your loved one! That's a very beautiful cake to celebrate.

  7. I crossed along some blogs and end up in this beautiful page. Love your blog and I hope we can be blogger friend... and I like your recipe butter cake here. Well noted. thx for sharing :)