Happy 18th Birthday....and Piñata Chocolate Cake

June 12, 2015

Birthday Girl

Happy 18th my sweetie pie,
Today you celebrated your 18th... It feels like not too long ago, we celebrated your 1st birthday!
Those years flew like a speeding bullet filled with lots of love and bittersweet memories, a mixture of joy, happiness, frustration and exasperation.

I used to wonder what you would be like when you are 18!!!
How our 'mother-daughter' relationship would be like?
Will we bond?
Will we chat, share our feelings, thoughts, giggles like silly old friends...
Will we be the best of friends?
Will you come to me for anything and everything
Will you shut me out?

The time is here now...
As many have said and lots had been written about the inevitable rough rides that the mother-daughter will go through in their relationship, especially during the children's teenage years, we are no exceptions.

Whatever, wherever the rides may takes us in this life forward... just remember these... my sweetie pie,

Piñata Chocolate Cake
Piñata Chocolate Cake

.... my eyes adored you the minute I set eyes on you 18 years ago...
.... you tugged my heart and I will love you till my last breath. I prayed for you the 9 months that no harm would come to you...  I have not stopped since and I make my du'a to the Al-Mighty everyday that I will live long enough to see you blossom into a beautiful person that you are...

Yes... my sweetie pie, you are BEAUTIFUL inside out...don’t let others made you feel any less.

Sweetie Pie,
I hope, dad and I have raised and taught you well of our family values...
Whatever I said or did... perhaps, I might have sounded harsh at times...
All because, I was worried for you, worried that the big bad wolves that are roaming the earth might have just swallow you up whole, because you are so trusting and only see the good in people. There are some bad apples around too, my sweetie pie.

My dell...
I am so not looking forward to any changes...but changes is inevitable as you are blossoming into a lovely young woman. I dread the day when I am no longer your numero uno... no longer the person you look up to with full admiration...
Your admiration and your centre of universe will be shifted to that special someone who will pull strings at your heart, making your heart skip a bit... makes your head spin and feeling dizzy in love.

Sweetie pie... that special someone will have to pass muster... (hmmm... I'm imagining interrogation room scenario...;P) not that I don’t trust you but because I love you! I want the best for my one and only girl.
Treat yourself with respect, my du’a is that you will meet that awesome guy who will loves you like your daddio loves me, the person who will respect and take care of you, and makes you happy. (LOL... beware of guys who has an obsession with their looks or with mirror, and gazing into any mirror at every opportunity...more that you do ;P...hahaha... remember the song? You’re so vain)

Piñata Chocolate Cake recipe
Piñata Chocolate Cake

Sweetie Pie,
Remember the countless time, your dilly-dally antics, trying to stretch time... with ‘Mom, come lie with me’ as soon as you open your eyes.... or just your simple gesture of patting the pillow next to you, or at times...’Don’t leave me’...

In no time, we'll be playing the reversal role...with me wanting to stretch our time a little longer. My heart yearn to say... “Please don’t go, stay a little longer...”
... but rest assured my sweet, I will NOT be a drama queen, I promise... I will not make a scene :D...
I will just hug you tight, with a kiss on your forehead and whisper ‘I love you...and may ALLAH be with you and protect you'... for I know you have a long journey in front of you. You need to spread your wings and fly....

I wish I could stop time, so I could hold your hand a little longer ...but

HAPPY BIRTHDAY... my sweetie pie

Piñata Chocolate Cake

Piñata Chocolate Cake

adapted with changes from Azlita from Masammanis blog

3 eggs (approximately 170g, weight without shell)
180g caster sugar
130g plain flour
20 g corn flour
20g cocoa powder
70g water
5 g baking powder
1g (1/4 teaspoon) baking soda
50g canola oil
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
  1. Prepare 8 inch round cake tin, lined with greaseproof paper at the base and oil the sides with butter (or spray oil). 
  2. Pre heat oven to 190C.
  3. sieve flours, baking powder, baking soda and cocoa powder once, into mixing bowl. 
  4. Add eggs, sugar and vanilla essence into bowl. 
  5. On slow speed, mix until well combine. 
  6. Once all ingredients mix homogeneously, increase speed and mix into smooth and light batter. Switch off the mixer, add canola oil into the batter. 
  7. Using spatula, mix until oil has integrated into the batter. 
  8. Pour into the cake tin
  9. Place the cake tin in oven and lower oven temperature to 170C. 
  10. Bake using top and bottom heat, for 35 to 40 minutes. 
  11. Once baked, leave it to cool on the cooling rack. 
  12. Bake another 2 cakes as per above :D
  13. Using the largest cookie cutter, cut out the center of cake 1 and cake 2 (see note 2 below**)
  14. Spoon frosting into a piping bag ( I find it less messy this way)
  15. Place the base (cake 3 ~ see note below), make marking on the base, using cookie cutter to demarcate where cake 2 will be placed.
  16. Piped frosting on to the base cake, leaving the centre without frosting
  17. Place cake 2, give it a good but gentle squeeze.
  18. piped frosting around the cake 2 
  19. Place cake 1, pipe frosting.
  20. fill up the cavity with lollies
  21. pipe frosting around the cake and place the top piece (which is cake 3 that was split in half horizontally... see photo above)
  22. Frost the rest of the cake and decorate. 
  23. Optional: ganache the top or just decorate with fondant.

handy notes:

1. The recipe above is for 1 x 8 inch cake... so you've got to mix and bake 3 times :). 
~ Minimum 3 cakes are required.

2. prepare cakes
Cake 1 : trim the top to have a nice flat surface
Cake 2 : as above
Cake 3 : as above and slice horizontally (equal layer) to make 2 cakes (for top and bottom layer)
Wrapped the cakes in shrink wrap or Gladwrap and place in freezer overnight.

Again, I use Pickyin's from Life is Great (get recipe here)... with 2 tablespoon of cocoa powder added to it. but I must have missed out some steps... my frosting has bits of lumpy flour mix in it. 
Halved the recipe for the 8 inch cake.

4. Ganache (optional)
I use Cadbury chocolate melts... but I did mess up with measurement hence ganache didn’t flow down the cake sides as intended :(

5. Don’t forget ..... at least a bowl of lollies/ chocolates is needed to fill up the cavity in the centre.


  1. A fabulous cake and a beautiful daughter. Happy Birthday to her.



  2. OMG! This looks stunning!
    Happy birthday to your daughter, she is so beautiful <3

  3. Happy Birthday to your sweet pie! The cake looks splendid, Lisa.

  4. What a beautiful cake! I love this pinata idea, looks perfect for a big birthday :)

  5. This is a superb birthday cake! It looks like she had fun time on her 18th birthday. My sister is also going to turn 18 and I am making plans to celebrate her birthday at some popular venue. I just saw the list of famous Boston venues on eventup.com.