Crispy Oven Baked Chicken Wings with Chinese Five Spice

May 22, 2015
Oven-baked five-spice chicken wings are succulent, juicy, and healthy.

Five Spice Chicken Wings recipe
Finger-licking good Baked Five Spice Chicken Wings are succulent, juicy, and healthy.

Being Asian, brought up with Asian cultures... when friends invited you for dinner at their house, you just can't turn up empty-handed, can you?

Five Spice Chicken Wings
Even though you had been told "I've got it all covered, you just come over :D "Does that sound familiar?

It is just NOT happening!!! turning up empty-handed, I know that the first person to give me a frown would be my hubby dearest...and if my parents were here... they would frown too :(

It is not rude to go empty-handed, but 'Asian social convention' dictates that (hahaha...obviously no such convention!!!) one must bring something... anything... a plate to share.

This was one of my 'Plates to share'...

I made and brought these juicy succulent wings to our good friend's dinner recently...
Making it 'healthier'... I baked these wings instead of deep fry.

You can deep fry them too if you wish like these great finger foods: Nam yee Fried wings, Thai lemongrass wings, and Inche Cabin.

Five Spice Chicken Wings


  1. I love the aroma of 5 spice mix. Those baked chicken wings look lipsmackingly delicious, Lisa.

  2. same here... tak reti/malu la kalau pi rumah orang tak bawa buah tangan :)