Acar Limau Kasturi

April 17, 2015
Delicious Kalamansi Chutney or Acar buah limau kasturi for Ramadan.

Kalamansi Chutney
Its time to make delicious Kalamansi Chutney or Acar buah limau kasturi. Ideal for coming Ramadan

I have been looking for kalamansi or kalamodin plant for quite sometimes, but to no avail.
Kalamansi limes are very popular and could be found in abundance in Malaysia.


My mom planted one kalamansi plant in our little garden. It was a lone tree that stood few head taller than my 8 year old self :P. It gave us plenty of kalamansi... mom gave some away to neighbours as we couldn't possibly finish them all.

We used kalamansi in most of our cooking or beverage
  • sambal belacan (pounded fresh chillies with prawn paste, salt and freshly squeezed kalamansi), a condiment to accompany fried fish, fresh Asian herbs (ulam) and steam rice. 
  • to enhance the flavour and to give a subtle hint of sourness in soup-y dish like Noodles in sweet potato soup or Laksa
  • excellent to cool down on hot days with glass of iced kalamansi tea
  • chutney or acar


Besides using in cooking or drinking, we used to have it as snack ;)... unheard off, you might think!!!

All you need is one ripe kalamansi, cut in half, place a salted dried plums (asam boi) in between... then squeezed and sucked out the juice.
Everyone would be making funny faces...grimacing ;P ... salty and sour with a zing in our head :D
... but one should not eat too much of that concoction, he or she would be making few visits to the loo the next day ;P


Salted kalamansi

Another great used for kalamansi is to make chutney.
We are a nation (Malaysian ;p ) of not wanting to waste anything.
After squeezing out the juice, the skin or peel is then used to make chutney.

Womenfolk prepare this chutney/ acar when fasting month is approaching. Kalamansi chutney will be in demand during that month, the month that we craved for something simple, sweet and slight sour and tart :D to go with hot steamed rice and boiled salted duck egg....sluuurpp :)

Acar Buah Limau