Malaysian Chilli Dip/ Sambal Belacan

August 08, 2015
Sambal Belacan / Malaysian Chilli Dip, is not your everyday dip to have with crackers or water biscuits ;p

Malaysian Chilli Dip

Better late than never!
The photos were taken early June and supposed to be posted last week along with the video... however, I did not manage to do so, because of .. shall we say 'teething problems' in video shooting.

I was about to edit the shoot, lo and behold!!!! to my dismay, the video looked like it was shot on a boat...swaying from side to side! I'd be suffering from bout of seasickness, if I were to proceed with it :(
Left with no alternative but to go for take 2 

Sambal Belacan

I do not mind if I were to re-take and re-make this chilli dip/ sambal belacan everyday. I love sambal belacan, especially during cold winter warms up my tummy ;P

This sambal/ chilli dip is one of the must have in most Malaysian households. Its works like an appetiser, even though we usually have it alongside our main meal.
I usually served sambal belacan with deep fried fish and sliced cucumber, and of course hot steam rice drizzle with some kicap manis :D

In the good 'old days', before all sort of cooking gadgets ’that makes our life easier' flooded into the market, sambal belacan was prepared by pounding chillies using mortar and pestle.
If you hear ‘ketung-ketang’... echoing in your neighbourhood, yes that is the sound of music from mortar and pestle, and you’d know what your neighbour could possibly have for lunch that day ;P

Even though preparing sambal, the traditional way makes it all ‘authentic’...
I personally prefer to use food processor, less mess... to eliminate the possibility of getting my eye ‘burn’ from the odd chilli splatter... that one tiny splatter could ruin your day!!!

If you insist on preparing the ‘authentic’ way, I strongly suggest.... put on your safety goggles!!! :D
and wear gloves when handling the chillies... not a nice feeling too when your 'other’ sensitive anatomy get in contact with hands that handled chillies :(

Spicy and hot chilli dip

Hope you enjoy my short video on making Malaysian favourites :D

Malaysian Chilli Dip/ Sambal Belacan

8 red chillies
1 tablespoon Shrimp powder (belacan powder from Asian grocer)
3 kalamansi
1 teaspoon salt (to taste)
  1. Wash chillies, deseeded for less heat
  2. break or cut into chunks
  3. put chillies in food processor, and blitzed till smooth
  4. add kalamansi (substitute with limes or lemon or tamarind paste)
  5. add shrimp powder or belacan
  6. add salt
  7. Blitz to mix well
  8. Serve with deep fried fish, steamed rice, cucumbers and other greens.


  1. Love sambal sauce! The pan seared fish behind look pretty awesome too, Lisa.

  2. Delightfully spicy! A great accompaniment to your gorgeous pan-seared fish.



  3. I love sambal belacan too.... love it with my fried fish on it. Sedappppp!!