Easy Homemade Spicy Falafel

April 10, 2015
A simple, flavorful homemade falafel recipe made with chickpeas, herbs, and spices.


Spicy falafel ~ is great to pair up with Tabouleh, and roll up as a vegetarian kebab. Easy food to enjoy especially in summer.

but... eating kebabs can be one messy, sloppy experience!
Talking about messy and sloppy, do you have any embarrassing stories while eating kebabs?

This happened 3 decades ago, in one of many kebab houses between Bayswater and Queensgate, London.
The kebabs shops in the UK were (my best guess) mostly owned by Pakistani, hence the taste, and texture were a lot different from the kebabs that we have here in Oz.

Doner kebabs or shawarma kebabs served with lots of thinly sliced raw cabbage, some sliced tomatoes, some sauce (not too sure what the sauces were but not as many varieties as we have here), and some pickled chilies stuffed into the pockets of pita bread.

Falafel and tabouleh

It was early spring, and it was Sunday, the area was buzzing with tourists. My flatmate and I were too lazy to cook and thought that it was a good idea to get some kebabs.

And off we went to get our dinner, I ordered a doner kebab with all the extras.

Kebab is best eaten when it is freshly packed, with no soggy pita bread to deal with later, or meat falling everywhere.

Soon my order came, hungry (and with bad eating manners :(
I sank my teeth into the pita bread filled with my doner meat kebab, vegetables, and the whole pickled chili.

What happened next left me red-faced, and embarrassed.
Once I bit into the chili, at the corner of my eye, I could see water, just like a water gun, squirted onto a guy standing next to me, who was waiting for his kebab.
To make matters worse, he was in his best suit. OMG!!!

At that moment, I wished I was invisible,
I wished I'd shrunk to the size of an ant.
Oh, Miss Clumsy Claudette!!! stunned! trying to mouth 'Sorry' but nothing came out.

That guy, he was cool about it, took some serviette and wiped it off, waving his hand, telling me it was ok, all was good.

Falafel and tabouleh

Falafel and tabouleh

Apart from the usual doner, chicken, or lamb meat, Australian kebab has falafel added to its list of menu.
Strong Middle Eastern influence.
Aussie kebabs consist of shaved minced meat, with lots of fresh vegetables, choose your preferred sauce (it is 6 or more sauces to choose from) and roll in Lebanese bread.

My favorite kebab shop had closed down since the shopping centre upgraded, five years ago. That kebab lady made the best kebab ever especially her falafel.

And my favorite is, of course, falafel kebab with tabbouleh then drizzle with hot chili sauce and hummus. Love the nutty spiced taste and its light as compared to meat-filled kebabs.
however... my falafel may not be as good as hers but suffice to curb my cravings :D



  1. Mouthwatering! I love felafel and yours look delicious.



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