Sago Pudding

June 02, 2022

Tapioca pudding served with brown sugar syrup and coconut milk is a classic Malaysian dessert.

Tapioca pudding

You may have tried and enjoy tapioca pudding dessert that is made with milk, sugar, eggs and vanilla!
But have you tried this classic Malaysian tapioca dessert?

What is tapioca pearls?

These tiny tapioca pearls also known as sago are made from from starch extract from tapioca roots.
Since no wheat product is involved in making these tapioca pearls, hence this tapioca pudding is a gluten-free dessert.

I am sure you enjoy boba in bubble tea as much as I do. Those bobas are made from tapioca starch.

Tapioca pudding with brown sugar and coconut milk

What is tapioca pudding?

This timeless dessert is easy to make and enjoyed by many, is also made from tapioca pearls.
There are many ways to make tapioca pudding!

Tapioca pearls it self when cooked has no taste what so ever!

Some made this wonderful dessert by cooking them in milk, add vanilla, sugar and eggs.
Malaysians love this classic dessert with just brown sugar syrup and coconut milk!

This tapioca pudding also known sago pudding hit the right spots with every spoonful.

How to make tapioca pudding?

Full instruction and list of ingredients on how to make this delicious mouth watering tapioca pudding dessert, can be found at the end of this post.

These photos will give a general steps on how to make tapioca pudding.

Step 1 - cook the tapioca seeds

tapioca pearls to rapid boiling water
Add tapioca pearls to rapid boiling water

Stir and cook until tapioca pearls turn clear
Stir and cook until tapioca pearls turn clear

strain tapioca pearls
Drain off the liquid

Spoon tapioca pearls to moulds
Spoon to moulds

Step 2 - Cook the brown sugar syrup

Brown sugar into a small saucepan
Brown sugar into a small saucepan

Add water to Brown sugar into a small saucepan
Add water

Brown sugar, water and knotted pandan leaf into a small saucepan
Add knotted pandan leaf

Bring to boil the brown sugar, water and knotted pandan leaf into a small saucepan
Bring to boil then simmer till slightly thicken

Thickened brown sugar syrup
Pour into a jug

Step 3 - Prepare coconut milk (I used canned coconut milk and add a pinch of salt)

Step 4 - serve tapioca pudding

Un-mould the tapioca pudding
Un-mould the tapioca pudding 

Add brown sugar syrup to the tapioca pudding
Add brown sugar syrup.

Add coconut milk to the tapioca pudding
Add coconut milk

That is how easy it is to make this delicious tapioca pudding.

What to serve tapioca pudding with?

You can either serve tapioca pudding as suggested above.
Another alternative is to serve tapioca pudding with coconut milk and top with sweet ripe mangoes.
Mangoes and coconut milk are an excellent food pairing, just like this Mango and coconut sticky rice!

Can I halved the recipe?

Definitely you can halved the recipe.
I have the drop down "yield" button on my recipe card to make how many serving that you would like.

Please do note that the serving showed here is about the size of a cupcake, a mere suggestion for an easy dessert for large gathering.

Sago gula melaka

How to keep the leftover?

Tapioca pudding is best serve on the day!

But if you have any left over, do keep them refrigerated but do take note that the aesthetic will change (from transparent to opaque) and it will more chewy or hard in texture!

I have not tried microwave them after overnight refrigeration, and if you do, do let me know in the comment box below.

Other delicious desserts from Malaysia

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Kuih tepung talam gula merah
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Kuih sago

Video on How to make Tapioca Pudding dessert

Tapioca pudding served with brown sugar syrup and coconut milk is a classic Malaysian dessert. This homemade tapioca pudding is quick and easy, gluten free and no eggs included.

What was posted on 17/8/2011

Time flies and another week just flew out of the window... and soon Eid Celebration will be at our door steps...
I have to start my cookies baking soon...

If one were to visit some hotels in Malaysia for their Ramadan (Fasting Month) Buffet Spread, one of the desserts that you are likely to find is Sago Pearls served with dark brown sugar syrup and coconut milk...

 And that was where, had his first taste of this gorgeous dessert and has not forgotten about it eversince... it was like ~ love at first taste for him...
With a packet of sago in hand... I asked him, and knowing what his answer would be

 "Which would you prefer: Kuih Sago or Sago with dark brown sugar syrup and coconut milk...?"

Without a second to waste...I got his reply...

Enjoy this dessert either as it is or chilled for a couple of hours in the fridge.
Like D, you will craving for more .


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