Kuih Sago Air Mawar / Steamed Tapioca Pearls with Rosewater

October 04, 2015
Steamed Tapioca Pearls with rosewater / Kuih Sago air mawar : delightful to have as an afternoon tea.

Steamed Tapioca Pearls with Rosewater

"I am coming home...
I am coming home
Tell the world... 
I am coming home..."

Steamed Tapioca Pearls with Rosewater recipe

I am off to the land that I used to call home :D.
For the next 2 weeks, I'll feasting on Malaysian little bites... :D

I begin my feasting with this classic and easy to make Steamed Tapioca pearls.
On its own, Kuih sago is flavourless, pandan leaf is added to enhance the flavour thus the aroma, and usually is cooked by boiling method.
Alternatively, rosewater is added.... it taste and smells heavenly of rose...just like biting into Turkish Delight :D.
A quick video to show you how it is done :D.
Enjoy the video and hope you have fun making kuih sago.

Kuih Sago Air Mawar / Steamed Tapioca Pearls with Rosewater

serve 8-10

350g tapioca pearls
200g caster sugar*
1 tablespoon Rosewater
red colouring 
60 g dessicated coconut
1/4 hot water
1/2 teaspoon salt
  1. Washed and soaked tapioca pearls in water (fill up water at least 50cm/2 inches above- tapioca pearls will expand and soak up water) for at least 3 hours. 
  2. Spray oil in the heatproof container. 
  3. Start steamer. 
  4. Strained excess water. 
  5. In a mixing bowl, add caster sugar and rosewater. 
  6. Mix well. 
  7. Transfer tapioca pearls onto the prepared container. 
  8. Steam for at least 30 minutes. 
  9. Check for doneness with thin knife. It is done when white/pink pearls are not visible. 
  10. Cover and set aside to cool. 
  11. Prepare coconut coating : mix 1/4 hot water and salt into the store bought desiccated coconut. mix well. Set aside. 
  12. Cut the cooled tapioca pearls into bite size. 
  13. Coat with coconut and serve.
Note * ~ I used 150g sugar, it is just nice for my taste bud but then my tastebud is not the same with the rest ;P


  1. These seems extremely addictive!



  2. Have a safe journey. Kirim salam kat oghang aloq staq nooo xxx

  3. These look so beautiful! Have a great time back to home!