Seri Muka

October 25, 2016
Easy to follow recipe and 'How-to' video on making Malaysian Kuih Seri Muka.
kuih seri muka

Kuih Seri muka, Malaysian favourite dessert

Pandan Custard with Sticky Rice layers is also known as either Kuih Seri Muka, kuih salat or pulut sekaya

One of Malaysians favourite sweet, creamy and salty dessert to be enjoyed either for breakfast, afternoon tea or for dessert.

Pandan Custard-Sticky Rice Layers/ Kuih Seri Muka is one of my favourites {its hard to choose, when you have so many Malaysian kuih to choose from :)}

seri muka

Variants of Kuih Seri Muka

I love this kuih just because it has that salty-creamy coconut glutinous rice layer, pair with sweet aroma pandanus custard at the top, is just perfect.

There are few variations; if you hailed from the northern states (where I was from), our top pandanus custard layer will have a hint of fennel seeds and cinnamon.

Some will omit eggs, some will add custard flour... so basically, it very much depending on where  or which part of Malaysia you are from or visiting.

Making the perfect Kuih Seri Muka | Pandan Custard-Sticky Rice Layers

This kuih looks simple but... can be very finicky to prepare, especially the top pandan-custard.

Some problems you may encounter:-

1) If the pandan custard ie the green top layer is not thicken prior...

a) the pandan-custard layer will be half set and formed into 2 layers

b) bottom half ~ nice and firm

c) top half may be runny

 Cause : mixture of flours in the pandan-custard may separates and settle during steaming!

2)If the heat is set too high (ie boiling water bubbling happily!)
~ the pandan-custard layer will not be smooth

It will create ripples on the surface of the green pandan custard top layer

3)If you are impatient (like me!!), wanting to eat and couldn't wait for  Pandan Custard-Sticky Rice Layers/ Kuih Seri Muka to completely cooled down... like several hours (ideally 4 or more) for the pandan layer to set!

Slice ... you'll ended up with flowing pandan lava or a blob of green mess everywhere.

One needs to exert patience... fight one desire to just dive in and eat till your tummy content,  when one wants to eat Pandan Custard-Sticky Rice Layers/ Kuih Seri Muka ;P

And if you follow the 'What-not' to do above... you'll be smiling away while enjoying every bite of a piece (or few pieces...) of this Malaysian afternoon delights :D

  kuih putri salat

How to store Kuih Seri Muka | Pandan Custard-Sticky Rice Layers

Ideally, Kuih Seri Muka | Pandan Custard-Sticky Rice Layers are best eaten on the day. Share some with friends and neighbours.

But if you still have left over, do keep them refrigerated, especially if you live in a tropical climate countries.

Take Kuih Seri Muka | Pandan Custard-Sticky Rice Layers out from the fridge, let it sit on the kitchen bench top for an hour or so before eating.

Malaysian Breakfast

Some of our favourite breakfast

  1. Kuih Lompang
  2. Pulut Sambal
  3. Kuih Dadar / Ketayap

Video on How to cook Kuih Seri Muka


  1. Looks so beautiful and divine! I love anything coconut and those layers are totally irresistible, Lisa.

  2. this looks awesome fun texture and great presentation

  3. oh is my favourite...may i know what is the size of the pan u used to steam the rice?

  4. Hi, thanks for your recipe, for the coconut cream is it same with coconut milk? If not where can I get it? ��

    1. Hi Siau,
      I think I have answered your question in youtube :D

  5. What the best way to store it. Refrigeration seems to make it tough.

    1. You can refrigerate, just microwave for 30 seconds (more or less and always check) before eating

  6. Hi Lisa,
    My son is allergic to egg, what can use as a substitute or how do I change the recipe please?

    1. Hi Anne,
      I personally have not tried eggless seri muka. So I can't give any feedback.
      Found this on the net, from Poh's hope it helps

  7. nice! love pandan flavor. I am a little confused about the recipe though. At the end when making the egg custard it says to add in the pandan and sugar. There is no sugar in the ingredients for the top layer. Is this sugar a reference to the syrup? If not when does the syrup get added?

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      Yes, you are right :), it is the syrup not sugar.
      I have updated the recipe to avoid confusion.
      Really appreciate your time to comment :)


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