Homemade Granola

March 30, 2022
This easy homemade granola recipe is quick to make. 

 homemade granola

What is granola?

Granola usually consist of baked whole rolled oats mix with chopped nuts to turn it into crunchy granola recipe. 

Serve with dried fruits, some greek yoghurt or  with a splash of milk, fresh fruits and cacao nibs.
Granola makes a healthy breakfast to start our day with.

What is the difference between granola and muesli?

The basic ingredient for granola and muesli is oat or oatmeal.

Granola is baked oats till crunchy golden in colour. 
Serve with yoghurt with a splash of milk and fresh fruits.

Muesli is oats straight out of packet, soak in milk fresh fruits and some honey.
Muesli is tastier if soak overnight, for example Bircher Muesli.

 best granola recipe

How to make granola at home?

List of ingredients and method is in the printable recipe card at the end of this post .

Making your own granola is much better than the buying.

Not only we save money by making our own granola, we have the choice putting quality ingredients in our homemade granola.

1. Oats 

 honey and oil
2. Mix honey and canola oil.
Microwave for 20 seconds to warm up the mixture (easy to stir)

3. Add honey and canola oil mixture into the oats
Mix thoroughly. 

4. Add in chopped nuts of choice.
I used almond and walnuts. 

5. Transfer to baking tray lined with greaseproof paper.

6. Baked at 140C for 10 minutes.
After 10 minutes, take out from oven, stir to mix granola.
Baked again for another 10 minutes or until golden and crunchy.

7. Leave to cool down before adding dried apricots and dried cranberries.

8. Keep in an air tight container.

9. Serve granola with greek yoghurt, fresh fruits, cacao nibs and drizzle extra honey.

How to store granola?

I keep them in an air tight container.

How long can I store my granola?

Granola is made of dried ingredients, so they should be long lasting, well at least 6 months if you keep them in an air tight container.

 granola how to make

Video on "How to make Granola"

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 This easy homemade granola recipe is quick to make.  Bake the whole rolled oats mix with chopped nuts to turn it into crunchy granola recipe. Naturally sweetened with honey, chopped dried apricots and dried cranberries. Quick and  easy to put together, serve with greek yogurt, fresh fruits and cacao nibs makes a healthy granola and wholesome breakfast to start the day.

Posted on 3rd June 2011

Yay... Winter is here!!!!

Its a nice change to wake up to a less than 10 degree Celcius every morning... I can tolerate cold days but not the hot sweltering heat.
The lawn and garden are greener... beautiful... Days like these makes me want to go out and soak in the winter sun with a cup of tea and a book or magazine in hand, or just potter around the vegetable patch... do some weeding...

Not only winter sun in Perth is gorgeous and beautiful... but the cold weather tend to make me go lurking in my larder, looking for my 'Comfort Food' too... I would snack a lot in winter.... Larder is my best friend when I am feeling peckish...my worst enemy to my waistline...

See what I found... while rummaging through my larder...  a packet of sunflower seeds, pepitas, hazelnuts, almond, unfinished packet of dried cranberries and some oats. Looking at all the ingredients ...  homemade granola seems like a brilliant idea!!
It is so easy to make granola... measured everything by the cup... mix everything in a mixing bowl. Microwave honey and oil.... and pour into the raw ingredients... good to go into the oven...set the timer and voila...
I thought that I was doing OK with time... so I ventured out into my garden... with my ears trained to listen out to the oven's beep...
And the oven did beep... but....

I burnt my granola... what a bummer!!!
If only I'd listened to my mom's advice... to stay put in the kitchen, whenever I am cooking....

Tipped the whole pan into the rubbish bin.... quickly onto making my second batch... This time I stay put in my kitchen... eyes practically glued to the oven...
And the second batch turned out nice... golden, crunchy GRANOLA... healthy winter breakfast... as well as Healthy SNACK for me.


  1. Yayness. I'm going to make granola once I am home again! It's just so crazy tasty! Homemade beats the old, commercial stuff by leaps and bounds.

  2. I've been wanting to make my own granola as the store-bought one is too sweet and so oily. This looks great and the clicks are fantastic!

  3. This is totally my breakfast everyday excpet weekends.Love the sweet satisfaction granola gives each morning :)First picture is gorgeous!

  4. Charissa
    Totally with you on homemade granola... :D

  5. Xioalu,
    ...and expensive too, more oats than nuts :)

    awwww... thank you dear :D

  6. Tanvi
    I wish I could have granola everyday too :)

  7. Didn't know you are from Perth too :) Found a friend now. I love granola, homemade ones. Happy baking and stay warm, sweet !!

  8. I love winter too. I love spending more time outside than inside. I love taking the train to Perth city and melepak2,minum kopi while window shopping. I love dressing up in my many winter clothing and I love the smell of winter. And yes, I am in love now, with my winter...

  9. Love homemade granola too. Yours looks really delicious.

  10. Weng,
    Yes ... I am in Perth too :D

    So if you happened to bump into this 'Bogan' looking AhSoh/MakCik in the city or anywhere... do say hi ;)

  11. Flower
    Nice kan... no annoying flies.
    Wah... I wish I have the luxury of lepak-ing in the city... I am always on the run with errands... Must make sometime and go lepak-king with you next time ;)

  12. Angie,
    Homemade granola is wonderful...
    I can add all my favourites... more hazelnuts less oats ;)

  13. Mothers are always right, seldom wrong. My mum too tells me the same thing as yours. Your second batch of granola come out fabulous.

  14. This is a great sugar and butter free version. I have never made granola - I will try this. Thanks for the inspieration

  15. Quay Po Cookks
    Agree with you.. and I kept telling my kids that too.. I am RIGHT!!! hehehe

  16. Your blog looks great and the pics are amazing, look forward to checking out more

  17. It's morning here and you make me feel healthy by looking at this :)

  18. Your granola looks fabulous, love the idea of making your own. Beautiful pictures...came to visit you through Shaz :-) Your radish cakes look delicious...just reminded me of my mom's.
    Have a great week Lisa!

  19. Foodness Gracious
    Looking forward to see you in my kitchen... ;D

  20. tigerfish
    awwww... that's great :)

  21. Juliana
    Its always 'Food'or sometimes songs that connects and reminded us of good memories..

    Have a great week ahead, Juliana :)

  22. This is my kind of breakfast too...Yum!

  23. These granola photos can go straight to a cover of a health food magazine - so beautiful !!

  24. A healthy granola! I love that kind of breakfast food. Lovely and so addictive.



  25. Cooking rookie
    awwww... thank you for your kind encouragement

  26. Rosa
    it was so addictive that my kids were snacking away ;)