Cassava with Sweet Coconut Toppings


I had just finished writing Cassava with Sweet Coconut Toppings and about to publish this post today, when I received an email from H... attached with a link...  I watched the link ~ it gave me goosebumps... a lump in my throat... and near tears...
I decided to re -write ... and paste the video in my post instead.

This event took place on 12th February 2011 in Karrinyup Shopping Centre, Perth ...

Excerpt from the email I received:
The purpose of it is to raise money for the Queensland floods. Each time it is...clicked on, money is raised thru Google ads
If I can get at least one other person to click the video... Variety Club Youth Choir effort to raise funds towards a good cause will not go unnoticed... Bravo... applause

Note : I wish to spread the good work for the good cause... if there is any legality matters involved... I am unaware of...  please advice.. thanks.

And my thoughts and Prayers goes to everyone in Christchurch who has been affected by the earthquake...

Cassava with Sweet Coconut Toppings

1kg of tapioca or Cassava
100g sugar
Sweet Coconut Toppings
150g palm sugar or gula Melaka
100ml water
3 knotted pandan leaves
2 cups of dessicated coconut
2 teaspoon corn flour
200ml thin coconut milk
  1. Steam the tapioca for 40-45 minutes or until soft. Transfer to a bowl, add sugar and salt.. and mash while it is still hot... remember to remove the fibrous bit in the middle. Line a square or round pan with banana leaf. Pour in the mashed tapioca and compact evenly. Ensure that it is firm and level on top.
  2. Add palm sugar, water and knotted pandan leaves in a saucepan. Bring to boil and stir until sugar is dissolve. Add in dessicate coconut , coconut milk with corn flour. Stir until thicken.
  3. Spread the sweet coconut toppings onto the compacted tapioca.
  4. Cut into bite size and serve.


  1. Those cassava cake squares look fanfreakingtastic! Photos are great too.

  2. (I duk harap boleh ambik satu slice for breakfast maybe...).... nampak sedapnya... I love cassava and the pairing with the sweet coconut toppings, of course makes it even more tempting!!

  3. Recipe looks and sounds great.
    But sorry that video took my attention, good for you posting. And helping out, that is wonderful stuff.

  4. Angie,
    Thank you... :) and my toungue get all twisted trying to pronounce fanfreakingtastic ;)

  5. Leemei,
    I love cassava too... the after effect will be ~ bloated tummy!!! :(

  6. Medifast Coupons,
    No worries... that's my aim anyway.. and thanks for clicking on the video... I know at least 1 other person has clicked... thank you :)

  7. I love cassava but haven't eaten it for a while cos hubby doesn't like it. I love the coconut topping on top of your cassava cake. Sweet!

  8. Ooh I've never heard of these before, I'll be trying this recipe out soon!

  9. Ellie,
    Write down in your "must Eat' list... for your next trip home :)

  10. tigerfish,
    Simple and yummy... :)

  11. Ooh, Lisa, your cassava squares look so good! Love the generous coconut topping!

  12. This looks so neat, beautiful and delicious. I usually juts grate the cassava and steam with sugar and coconut milk or just plain boil and eat with sugar. But I love how you do yours. Thanks very much for sharing.

  13. Great idea pairing cassava cake with coconut topping! Great flavours and look so pretty!

  14. Shirley,
    Thank you... if I were to follow my 'desire' I could finish half a tray at one sitting :)

  15. MaryMoh,
    That's what my mom used to do with tapioca and I love them... :)

  16. pigpigscorner,
    Everytime I am in KL... I would go to this LuLu stall in Megamall and indulge... :)

  17. This is one dish I don't like to share....Mine and mine alone! muahaha! yum yum!

  18. Kak Yati,
    its good to share...
    so that you will not feel 'kembong' or bloated alone :P

  19. I had cassava or yuca as we called it when I lived in Costa Rica 10 years ago. Now living in Perth, Australia and have never been able to find it here. Anyone know where I can get it? If so please email so I can try this lovely recipe!

  20. Anonymous
    Try Asian grocer, the freezer section.. :D