Passionfruit and Coconut Cake

September 08, 2022

This passionfruit and coconut cake is one of my most baked desserts ever.

passionfruit and coconut cake slice
Passionfruit and coconut goes so well together.

This passionfruit and coconut cake is moist and a little bit saucy.
I initial call this passionfruit and coconut self saucing pudding.
The texture is more of a cake than pudding.

How to Bake Passionfruit and Coconut Cake?

There are 3 part to baking this delicious passionfruit coconut cake.

The first step is to mix the batter, then sprinkle with sugar and cornflour and top with delicious passionfruit pulp in hot milk.

Ingredients and steps by steps can be found in the recipe card below

Step 1 : Mixing the passionfruit coconut cake batter

Mix plain flour and baking powder.
Mix plain flour and baking powder.

Add sugar and desiccated coconut.
Add sugar and desiccated coconut.

Add melted butter.
Add melted butter.
Since it is winter, my butter was not runny!

Add one egg.
Add one egg.

Stir and mix well.
Stir and mix well.

Pour the batter into an 8 inch by 8 inch baking pan.
Pour the batter into an 8 inch by 8 inch baking pan.

Step 2 : Sugar and corn flour mixture

caster sugar and cornflour
In another bowl, mix caster sugar and cornflour.

Sprinkle cornflour/ sugar mixture evenly on to the batter.
Sprinkle cornflour/ sugar mixture evenly on to the batter.

Step 3 : Passionfruit pulp and hot milk

hot milk
Prepare hot milk by either conventional method of heating in a pot.
Or you can do like what I did, microwave for 1 minute twice.

Add passionfruit pulp. 
Don't worry if the mixture curdle.

Pour onto the cornflour/ sugar layer.
Pour onto the cornflour/ sugar layer.

Passionfruit coconut cake is ready to be baked!

Baked passionfruit and coconut cake

baked cake
Once the skewer comes off clean, take out from oven and let the cake rest in the pan for 10 minutes.

Dust with icing sugar.
Dust with icing sugar.
And slice into 16 slices or smaller.

How to serve Passionfruit Coconut Cake?

Cut or slice Passionfruit coconut cake in 16 squares and best served immediately.

How to keep leftover passionfruit coconut cake?

Passionfruit coconut cake best kept in an airtight container, either in the fridge or pantry.

Passionfruit and coconut cake is usually moist than any other cake hence it is best eaten within 3 days.

coconut passionfruit cake

What if I cannot find fresh passionfruit?

If passionfruit is not in season, your next best is to find passionfruit in a can.
Passionfruit pulp in a can tend to be a lot more sweeter and has less 'real' passionfruit pulp.

Canned passionfruit will be my last choice, I would prefer to use frozen passionfruit instead.

If you are a big fan of passionfruit, you must give this Chocolate Passionfruit brownie a go.

Video on How to Bake Passionfruit Coconut Cake

Cake is delicious, moist, sweet dessert. Passionfruit Coconut Cake is easy to bake, no creaming required!

Posted on 13th October 2016

Passionfruit and Coconut Pudding is delicious, moist, sweet, sourish self sauce dessert.
Perfect for entertaining or self indulgence with a cup of coffee :D

It was nearly 10 years ago when I first come across this Passionfruit Coconut Pudding, published in a not so flashy food magazine, and it has been in our favourite, 'must serve guests' list ever since.

Whenever we have friends dropping by our house for a chat or friends visiting us from Malaysia, dear hubby would suggest 'Passion fruit pudding'...
or when we were invited to a pot luck party, another round of  'Passion fruit pudding'...
or once in a blue moon... little voice could be heard, whispering... 'Passion fruit pudding'!!!

I've baked this pudding umpteenth time... I am almost sure that I could bake this pudding with my eyes closed ;P

This pudding tastes better when fresh passion fruits are being used, but passion fruits aren't available all the time, all year round... so using canned passionfruit is forgivable ;P.

Passionfruit and Coconut pudding always comes to my rescue, whenever I want something quick, fuss-free and delicious.. I promise you that you or your guests will be wanting more and more :D


  1. What a heavenly combination! Wish I could eat that pudding for dessert...



  2. Passionfruit and coconut have the best aroma and the combination of two is unbeatable!

  3. I am salivating just reading this!!

  4. Tried this last night ---- AMAZING, except it didn't rise very much/at all. Maybe I should've used self-rising flour AND baking powder instead? Not sure what went wrong! The taste and texture were still great though, I just wish I could have made it look more like your photos :) Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful recipe! ----Maria in Argentina

    1. Hi Maria,
      Thank you for your feedback and thank you for trying too: D

      You might want to avoid double dosage of baking powder, as self raising flour already has baking powder in it. Might get a taste of metallic pudding :(.

      It will not rise as much as cake. My photo was taken close up so it looks like it did rise :D
      Glad that you like the taste.

    2. Thanks for your reply!! I will try again (with only baking powder, no self-rising flour :p ) but with a different pan and maybe lower heat (I think I had it a tad too high last time...). Thanks so much again! :) :) :) ---Maria in Argentina


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