Kuih Keria

September 05, 2015
Kuih Keria  or sweet potato Donuts : Malaysians' favourite sugar fix for breakfast or afternoon tea.

Kuih Keria

Nearly there... a little bit more to go...
then I am done with tidying up blog to make it look clean-er ...clap clap clap and pat pat pat on my shoulder ;P.
but the last bit requires my undivided attention... with a couple of aspirins too!

I want a brighter coloured social button icons (top right hand corner) and makes them bigger ... and for that... I need to search the net again and that may take a while, as I am not computer savvy :(

Kumara Donuts

So... lets celebrate milestone achieved...
by munching on yet another deep fried finger licking good food :D... called Kuih Keria or sweet potato donuts. 

I called them donuts as I can’t find a more suitable word to describe this Malaysian traditional sweet bites... it looks like one,  being shaped like one... deep fried... coat with crystal-like sugar.
Its sweet potato donuts without yeast.

Kuih keria / kumara donuts/ Sweet potato donuts  are deep fried till golden and cook for second time to coat the donuts with crystal-like sugar

Making these donuts were easy but to coat them with sugar can be a bit tricky.

My first was a disaster, syrup was overcooked and as soon as I add kuih keria into the wok, instead of evenly coating the donuts, the sugar started to crystallised almost immediately
...some  donuts had massive rock sugar stuck to it...some had a few bits and pieces... while some had none!

Most sugar crystals, about a cup, loose in the work  ( I should have save these sugar crystals to use on chouquettes...hmmm not very clever of me!! )

Take two...
kids were delighted that mom's first attempt was a disaster... meaning that mom will make her second batch for her blog, and they get to eat it again ;P

My second attempt gave a much desired result... :D

Crystallised sugar sweet potato rings


  1. They look incredibly irresistible!



  2. They are so delicious and addictive! I bet you can't just eating one or two.