How to make Clotted Cream

August 01, 2022

 Making clotted cream on stovetop is much easier and faster than the traditional way of slow bake in the oven. 

Clotted cream recipe


What is clotted cream?

Clotted cream known as Devonshire, Devon clotted cream or Cornish clotted cream, best to have with British scones.

I had a chance to taste clotted cream with scones at the Shard in London, few years back.
Clotted cream served by the Shard was so smooth and velvety.

How to make clotted cream?

Traditional way of cooking clotted cream is to mix thickened cream and butter then put in the oven on low heat in the oven for 12 hours.

Seriously, I do not have the patience!
And I found this quick way to make clotted cream and ready to use the next day, after few hours in the fridge (preferably overnight in the fridge).

Mix butter with thickened cream
Step 1 : Melt butter and heat up with cream in a thick base pot.

cook till thicken
Step2 : cook on low heat until the cream mixture thickened.

Pour the cream mixture into a square dish.
Step 3: Pour the cream mixture into a square dish.
I used an 8 inch by 8 inch Pyrex glass dish.

Refrigerate ovenight.

Smooth and ready to use clotted cream.
Smooth and ready to use clotted cream.

Cornish clotted cream

How long can I keep this clotted cream?

Clotted cream is best to be consumed within 3 days.

Is clotted cream the same as double or whipping cream?

Clotted cream is made of thickened cream mix with butter to increase its butterfat content, by cooking on either stove top or oven till thicken
Hence clotted cream is much denser than whipping cream.

What can I use clotted cream?

Clotted cream goes well with freshly baked scones.

And I am using my clotted cream to bake cookies (coming soon :D)

A quick video on How To Make Clotted Cream

how to make clotted cream