Easy Simple Truffle Mayonnaise

June 17, 2021

 Truffle aioli is delicious as dip with your favourite fried wings or use it as based for your egg sandwich.

 Truffle mayo


Truffle Mayonnaise

Truffle mayonnaise or some may call this truffle aoili is a mayo based sauce infused with truffle oil.

There are many mayo based sauce out there, like, sriracha mayo, japanese mayo, spicy mayo and many more.

What is Truffle?

Truffles are fungi that grow underground near tree roots.

They are considered delicacy hence the price!!
For this truffle aoili, I used oil infused truffle that comes from a truffle farm in Manjimup, western Australia.

Black Perigold truffle pieces were used to infused the oil.

Truffles has more earthy flavour, used sparingly, truffle are great to add to any savoury dishes. 
However, I recently saw a local baker adding truffles to her baked cheesecake.
I must try some!

 Homemade truffle mayonnaise

How to Make Truffle Mayonnaise?

With few ingredients and simple steps , you can enjoy your truffle mayo in 10 minutes or less.

Printable ingredients and method can be found at the end of the post.

 canola oil Truffle infused oil
Add vegetable oil and truffle infused oil in a jug.

 Lemon Juice Add salt
Add lemon juice and salt

 Add pasteurized egg
Add pasteurized egg

 Emulsify to thicken
Blend with stick blender.

What goes with Truffle Mayonnaise?

All the things that you like to have your mayo with, you can substitute with truffle mayonnaise.
From drizzling mayo on your meat patties, add mayo to your egg sandwich or add about half a cup of sour cream to your truffle mayo, then it will be a perfect dip for your golden fried chicken wings.

How to Keep Truffle Mayonnaise?

Keep your truffle mayonnaise in an air tight container and use them within 7 days.

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 Truffle aioli is mayonnaise based sauce or spread infused with truffle oil (garlic is optional). Truffle aioli is delicious as dip with your favourite fried wings or use it as based for your egg sandwich.