Chocolate Cake with Mayonnaise

November 09, 2016
Rich and moist Mayonnaise Chocolate Cake recipe.
Mayonnaise Chocolate Cake

Mayonnaise Chocolate Cake

I am excited to share with you this Mayonnaise Chocolate cake. I  found the recipe in a loose booklet of an old magazine from UK, Prima.
Mrs Crossman of Essex, baked this Prize winning cake in UK 80's BakeAthon (must be equivalent to today's Great British Bake Off)

I was definitely intrigued and tempted.
When it comes to recipes, I am not ashamed to admit that I am a HOARDER! yes... hoarder with capital H.

I have recipe books that dated back since mid 80's. What used to be vibrant and mouthwatering photos have surpassed their glory days. They looked like they belong to a museum now, but still, they stand proudly on my bookshelf alongside newer books.

Cut out recipes from newspaper are the worst! in deep shades of brown and yellow! some started to break round the edges.

mayonnaise cake
Back to Mayonnaise Chocolate Cake.

I did bake 4 cakes (not all 4 at once... ) just to get the right ratios for a moist and rich chocolate-y cake.

Before I start, let me tell you my 'panic moment' on my first attempt...

I had my oven running...
I did all the measurements according to the original recipe. Mix flours, cocoa powder and mayonnaise... I noticed something amiss! The batter looked nothing like any cake batter... you know that ribbony and flow-y cake batter should look like :D

The mix was crumbly.... that was odd! Read and re-read the original recipe, just in case my old eyes missed out on something. All ingredients accounted for... but why?

Upon googling further, then only I noticed that the original recipe missed out on hot water! Crucial ingredient... but hey! We are not perfect! I know I had heaps of mistakes too in my recipe ;P.

Back to my findings...

chocolate cake with mayonnaise

Mayonnaise Chocolate Cake 1

- using store bought 'Traditional' mayonnaise.
The cake was crumblier, you have to handle the slice with extra care or else .
Have a slight, very light hint of mayonnaise taste in your bake.

Mayonnaise Chocolate Cake 2

using store bought 'Whole Egg' mayonnaise.
Yield a good result. No taste of mayonnaise.
Could be mistaken for a mud cake.
The taste and texture is similar.
Rich, moist and chocolate-y cake.

Mayonnaise Chocolate Cake 3

using Homemade mayonnaise. The cake turned out 'gummy', stick to my teeth with every bite.

Mayonnaise Chocolate Cake 4

- using Homemade mayonnaise plus extra egg.
This is the one...
It is good, not gummy, rich and moist Mayonnaise Chocolate Cake.

Again... please use extra fresh eggs, you only need 200ml of fresh homemade mayonnaise, so the left over you can use it for everything else like salad, or egg-mayo sandwich etc.


I'd go for Whole egg store bought mayonnaise if I am 'pressed' for time.
However, baking Mayonnaise Chocolate cake using fresh homemade mayonnaise is satisfying and a lot more 'healthier', using ingredients that are readily available in your pantry/ fridge, no preservative and all the chemicals that tag along in a bottle of store-bought mayonnaise. :D

Mayonnaise Chocolate Cake is a butter-less cake.

Cracks on the cake can easily be covered with chocolate ganache or chocolate frosting. I purposely didn't opt for frosting or ganache, it'll be too sweet for me, hence the simple chocolate shavings :D


  1. OMG! So fantastic...


  2. I bake a very similar cake, but with much less flour (160g) and Mayo (150g), however I do add one egg alone directly to the batter (not added to the Mayonnaise). It makes a not very moist, dense texture cake... it needs a frosting. For comparison here it is the recipe (adapted from Serious Eats):

  3. Hi in Singapore it is quite difficult to find vanilla paste. What can it be substitute with?

    Thank you


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