Chicken Kibbeh with Tahini Yoghurt Sauce

May 09, 2018
A healthy, easy and delicious baked Chicken Kibbeh serve with tahini yoghurt sauce and salad.

Chicken kibbeh recipe
Talking about procrastination...

I found this Chicken Kibbeh with Tahini Yoghurt Sauce recipe in a free "The Fremantle Story" magazine, while waiting for my food to arrive.
And that was summer 2016/2017 (referring to southern hemisphere summer).

Mince chicken Kibbeh recipe

Chicken Kibbeh, by Kurt Sampson from Propeller Restaurant, Fremantle, was featured in that free magazine.
I have never been to the restaurant, even though its about 30  minutes drive, but the photo of dark almost reddish Chicken Kibbeh, on tahini yoghurt, caught my eye.

Henceforth, Chicken Kibbeh with Tahini Yoghurt Sauce goes into my ' Making list'

Chicken Kibbeh serve with  tahini yoghurt sauce and salad

Twice, I planned to make Chicken Kibbeh.
...somehow the plan was abandoned!
Classic excuses, I don't have bulgur wheat!
Next one.. I ran out of chicken mince!

Finally summer 2017/2018, Chicken Kibbeh with Tahini Yoghurt Sauce happened!

Preparing Chicken kibbeh filling and Bulgur wheat layer

how to make chicken kibbeh

How was it?

We love our Chicken Kibbeh with Tahini Yoghurt Sauce, with only one exception.
Since I used 100% chicken breast mince, and I baked them... they turned out to be slightly dry.

I am making note that next time, I'll try to add some chicken thigh mince too.

Tahini yoghurt sauce for chicken kibbeh

And the Tahini Yoghurt Sauce...

Yumms .... they are an absolute lip smacker!
My grown-up kids seems to like the sauce more than Chicken Kibbeh..

 Maybe, my Chicken Kibbeh tasted dry to their palate as well.

Delicious Chicken Kibbeh with tahini yoghurt sauce image

Will I make these Chicken Kibbeh with Tahini Yoghurt Sauce?

YES! I am definitely making them again :D, with minor changes mentioned above and the notes section in the recipe below.

A scoop of Saffron and Rosewater ice-cream or a slice of Watermelon and Strawberry Cake would make an awesome and delicious dessert to complete the meal.

Can you tell.... :P
I am head over heels in love with Rosewater :D

Saffron and Rosewater ice-cream

Watermelon and Strawberry Cake

Healthy baked chicken kibbeh with tahini yoghurt sauce


  1. I’ve never cooked or eaten kibbeh but I just know I’m going to love it too.

  2. It's really yummy tried this recipe and it was really good...


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