Otak-Otak /Spicy Fish Parcels

June 06, 2018
Easy, delicious Otak-Otak /Spicy Fish Parcels.

Otak-Otak photo

Its tough to choose, between Otak-Otak /Spicy Fish Parcels and Cambodian Fish Amok

Which would I choose to be my first choice? hmmm.
I love both dishes! Both has almost similar taste but not the same.

And if I were to be blind folded, and were asked to sample the two dishes, I can easily pick out which is Otak-Otak /Spicy Fish Parcels
Cambodian Fish Amok

Spicy Fish Parcels photo

There is one ingredient that stands out in Otak-Otak /Spicy Fish Parcels... its the wild pepper leaves, or daun kaduk.

Daun kaduk or wild pepper are widely used in Thai cuisines or Malaysian cuisine- especially in nyonya cooking.

Daun kaduk is the star ingredient in this Thai leaf wrap salad in a bite, known as Miang Kam.

Spicy and creamy Otak-Otak /Spicy Fish Parcels
Imagine my excitement! When I found that daun kaduk/ wild pepper/ betel leaves are available in Perth!
Bought the plant and its happily growing in my backyard.

What to do with daun kaduk/ wild pepper/ betel leaves?
Second that came to mind after Miang Kam, it this Otak-Otak /Spicy Fish Parcels!

I made a quick video (see below) on how to prepare Otak-Otak /Spicy Fish Parcels.
Making banana parcels is easy, but if you do not have or couldn't get hold of some banana leaves, or for some other reasons unable to fold the banana leaves... just steam in a shallow dish.

And if you do not have a steamer, place Otak-Otak /Spicy Fish Parcels in an oven and bake them!

delicious Spicy Fish Parcels

Top and bottom photos, show casing my baked Otak-Otak /Spicy Fish Parcels in a shallow dish. Just lined the base with banana leaves (optional), arrange sliced fish, top with wild pepper leaves and pour in the custard.
Check my notes on the oven temperature and duration to bake Otak-Otak /Spicy Fish Parcels.

I presented both: steam in banana leaves parcels and baked Otak-Otak /Spicy Fish Parcels, both, father and daughter {son left the nest and now living 300 km south :( }, loved the baked Otak-Otak /Spicy Fish Parcels better.

Both unanimously commented... more flavour in the baked compared to the steam!
Could it be that the baked Otak-Otak /Spicy Fish Parcels has more custard?

If you are able to find daun kaduk/ wild pepper/ betel leaves.... give this Otak-Otak /Spicy Fish Parcels a try. Who knows... Otak-Otak /Spicy Fish Parcels might be your favourite too :D

Otak-Otak /Spicy Fish Parcels image

Video on How to Make Otak-otak