Cleaning Kettle without Chemical

April 10, 2018
Life Hack :
Cleaning a well used, very much loved electric kettle without using any chemical.
clean kettle photo

Not food related post :D

Disclaimer : This kettle belongs to the owner of a granny flat that my son is residing at this very moment, somewhere 300 km south of Perth :D!

Has this happened to your much loved, well used electric kettle?

Just in case you may ask... some one did ask on my Facebook when I uploaded these photos.

Why is water black in colour?
No, the water in Perth is neither MURKY nor BLACK!!

We have hard water. After using the kettle for a long time, this happened to our kettles in Perth. Unless stainless steel kettles are being used.

The photo below is how the kettle looks like after long usage.
The water stained the sides... so unpleasing to look at :(

Most would throw their good kettles away ... including me!

well used kettle photo

kettle before treatment image

kettle after treatment image

How to save your kettle with this simple life hack?

Lemon is your saviour!

Simple video on "How to Clean Kettle without Chemical" below.

Happy Cleaning and enjoy your fresh lemon scented kettle :D

Another item that I cannot leave without is VINEGAR...

I did a post a while back on cleaning with vinegar

I use vinegar plus dish washing liquid for my shower glass to take off calsified calsium.
I clean the grease off my kitchen bench top with half vinegar and half water.

I use vinegar (neat) to dissolve calsium deposit at the bottom of my thermos flask.

Lemon and vinegar works wonder.

Yield: nil

How to Clean Kettle without Chemical

Life Hack : Cleaning a well used, very much loved electric kettle without using any chemical.


  • Stained kettle
  • lemons


  1. Fill up kettle with water
  2. add 2 halved lemons into the kettle
  3. Boil water
  4. Leave it to cool
  5. Boil again
  6. Leave it overnight
  7. Discard lemons, clean with clean water
  8. Happy clean kettle
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Life hack : No more black stained kettle image