Homemade Rice Flour Laksa Noodles

April 05, 2018

Homemade Rice flour Laksa noodles for Asam Laksa/ Asian fish soup.

laksa noodles recipe

My first time ever trying to make rice flour noodles for our favourite Asam Laksa / Asian fish soup, and I am pretty chaffed with the result 😁

This rice noodles are serves with sour, tangy spicy fish soup known as Laksa. Common dish and favourite among Malaysians.

Packets of dried rice noodles (not to be mistaken with dried rice sticks) are sold in Asian grocers but I chose not to buy them.


Asian fish soup noodles

First, I have to soak the noodles overnight.
Second, I need to boil the noodles and this too can take ages!😏
Third, after all the hard work of soaking and boiling, I ended up with broken rice noodles as well as mushy ones.

Due to the reasons stated above,  a packet of spaghetti was often used as a substitute for the rice noodles.
In other words.... I am lazy to fuss about making and boiling the store-bought rice noodles!

maruku mould photo

Rice noodles photo

rice flour laksa noodle image

Making homemade rice flour laksa noodles, is not that tedious... with the right kitchen gadget like the photo above. We call that Maruku mould (I have seen this maruku maker mould at an Indian grocer)

Its more to do with that nostalgic feeling as well as that "YES!!! I can make it too" satisfying feeling.

I grew up in small quiet kampung/ village in the north of Malaysia, Kuala Kedah. The place was famous (and still is I presume) for its Asam Laksa / Asian fish soup.
There was one house, not far from my parent's, they were selling good Asam Laksa / Asian fish soup, in their front yard. Their laksa was well known in the neighbourhood, served with coconut sambal.
I loved their laksa and they used homemade rice noodles. 

Call me fussy, but I definitely do not like the texture of the commercial ready made laksa noodles, readily available, sold in either market or supermarket in Malaysia.
The ready made store bought rice noodles are a bit chewy and springy. Feels like the store bought ready made rice noodles does not absorb the fishy soup as much and left me chewing the noodles at the end.

Watch my video below, on how to make the rice noodles or visit my YouTube Channel for other delicious dishes. 

laksa noodles image

Video on How to make Laksa noodles

Homemade Laksa noodles for Asam Laksa recipe