Creamy Panang Curry Meatballs

August 29, 2017
Delicious creamy nutty red curry meatballs is also known as Panang curry.

Panang Curry

After making homemade red curry paste....
what's next?

Next, is to make this creamy red curry meatballs also as known as Phanaeng curry or Panang curry or Penang curry, were said to be from Penang.

I will not delve into the origin of Panang curry, as I am not an expert in Thai culinary.
I happened to love Thai food very much!! that is all :D

plus... I always thought that this creamy red curry dish, originate from Thailand, after all red curry is from Thailand!
Makes perfect sense, right?

Creamy Thai Red Curry Meatballs

If you do a google search, you will find pages and pages of Panang curry listed.

Next question to ask is...

What makes Panang curry, a "Panang curry"?

In my humble opinion, the key ingredient is PEANUT!

What separate Panang curry from 'normal' red curry is the nutty taste!
Without adding crushed or peanut butter (as per my recipe), it'll be just another Thai red curry.

.... and the sauce is much thicker!!!

Easy and delicious meatballs in creamy, nutty red curry sauce
Panang curry has been my family favourite for years.

I have only been using minced beef for my Panang curry, mince beef absorb the flavours much better than chunky beef.

A quick note ~ do use regular mince, meatballs stays moist and absorb all the flavours whereby lean beef tend to be a little bit drier... but  then again the choice is yours :P

Why not chicken?

I have yet to try but I much prefer to have my green curry chicken actually :).

Creamy Red Curry Meatballs recipe. Delicious creamy red curry meatballs is also known as Panang curry. Panang curry is originally from Penang, Malaysia.  This meatballs red curry is thick, creamy, nutty and full of flavours from South east Asia region.


  1. This is yummy.. I love the aroma of kaffir lime leaves...

    Please visit:

  2. I need to have this in my life. Panang curry is my favorite curry. Any time we're at a Thai restaurant, we order it and it's so GOOD. I've served it with shrimp and chicken and fish before, but never meatballs. What a great idea! -Danielle

  3. This curry meatballs looks so juicy and delicious! I love meatballs with rice combinations,thanks for sharing.

  4. I just made this today and it was so delicious!! thank you :D


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