Fish Taco

September 05, 2017
Easy and delicious Fish Taco recipe. 

Fish taco recipe<

We had this fish taco sometimes back in May, but due to my break in my work flow, I missed out, did not transfer any of fish taco photos from camera to hard drive!

Having to record the details of what and when photos were taken in a book, saves me tremendously.

Hence, here we are with fish taco!

Are you ready for clean and light summer eating?

Barramundi fish taco

My daughter and I, headed towards North Beach to try out some 'new' trendy food (so I was told by my 2 young ones).
We planned to have breakfast, however,  our plan was derailed by the dental surgeon, and by the time we reached the place, breakfast option was no longer made available.

Since we already made plan to treat ourselves, we proceeded to look at their lunch menu.
A quick scan through the pages, I ordered fish taco while my daughter ordered soft shelled crab slider.

When my order arrived, looking down at it, I was taken aback.
If there is a word to describe "minute in a minutest" way, my fish taco was it!

It was the smallest fish taco! The fish was about the size of my 2 fingers.
The tortilla was about 4 inches / 100 mm diameter.

How much was my fish taco?
AUD$ 8.50

Healthy fish taco

 The fish taco tasted good, but the Asian in me, was screaming out loud within my chest cavity, daylight robbery! Small portion with a steep, very steep $$$.

For sure, I will not bring my husband to this place, only to hear him nag from the minute we leave the cafe till we get home!
As I was biting on my minute fish taco, I kept thinking... its not that difficult, if I were to try to re-create their fish taco at home.
And here it is, with my version of fish taco (borrowing on the cafe ideas).

Doing a quick maths.... this meal would have cost us AUD$34 at that cafe, and with that amount, we could easily enjoy 2 tacos each (with 100g of barramundi in each taco).

One of many reasons, why I hardly want to eat out...

Fish taco on flour tortilla with avocado puree

With winter behind us, "theoretically", I can now look into easy cooking, light and simple spring/ summer food, like this Fish Taco

Easy and delicious Fish Taco recipe.  Fish makes a healthy option for taco filling.  Fish Taco, a great summer meal, originate from Baja Peninsula. Fish taco is serve on warm flour tortillas with mixed beans salsa.


  1. Hi, I have always been looking for such great and delicious recipes! Thanks for sharing this! I forgot to add the lime juice in puree but the taste made me overlook everything!


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