Chocolate Mousse

September 02, 2022
Chocolate Mousse, a decadent dessert, great for entertaining and awesome edible kitchen projects with kids.

chocolate mousse

If you are looking for an elegant and great tasting dessert to serve to guests, look no further!
This chocolate mousse dessert is rich and decadent yet light and fluffy.

This chocolate mousse also makes a great fun activity with kids when serve with chocolate soil!

Ingredients for Chocolate Mousse

Detail on how to make this chocolate mousse can be found at then end of this post.

This chocolate mousse recipe are 3 major components!
First is to make the chocolate base, second is to whipped cream and third component will be the meringue.

1) Chocolate component

Melting dark chocolate
Melt dark chocolate using double boiling method.

Add unsalted butter
Add unsalted butter to the heatproof bowl.
Stir and mix well.

Add one egg yolk at a time!
Add one egg yolk at a time!
Stir after each yolk.

bring chocolate mixture to 65degree Celcius
Bring the mixture to 65 degree C,  to pasteurise the egg.
Option: You could pasteurised eggs before making mousse.

2) Cream component

whip cream
In another bowl, whipped cream to peak.

Set aside whipped cream or refrigerate until we are ready to mix with the chocolate mixture.
Set aside or refrigerate until we are ready to mix with the chocolate mixture.

3) How to make meringue

egg whites
Add egg white into a heatproof bowl.

Add caster sugar.
Add caster sugar.

Cook over simmering water to dissolve sugar as well as to pasteurise egg white.
Cook over simmering water to dissolve sugar as well as to pasteurise egg white.

whipped egg whites
Remove from heat and whip till peak.
Note: Using Swedish meringue method.

How to make Chocolate Mousse

How to make chocolate mousse
Once all the 3 main components are ready, we can now proceed to make mousse.
Add 1/3 of whipped cream into the chocolate mix.
This is to loosen up the chocolate mix a little.

chocolate mix into the whipped cream bowl.
Then add the chocolate mix into the whipped cream bowl.
Mix till well combined

add meringue into the chocolate-cream mix
Then add meringue into the chocolate-cream mix.

Note: Do not over mix at this stage.
Mousse will not be airy if mixture is over mix.
easy chocolate mousse
Using piping bag, piped into individual serving glass.

recipe chocolate mousse
Cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours

How to Serve Chocolate Mousse?

what to serve with chocolate mousse
There are many options to serve chocolate mousse with.
Serve with cream and chocolate shavings or with fruits.

I like to serve my chocolate mousse with some chocolate soil

mousse dessert
And for some fun activity with kids, I will top with flowers and some snakes lollies!

choclate mousse

How long can I keep this chocolate mousse for?

This chocolate mousse recipe has eggs and dairy hence it best eaten within 3 days.

Always keep them refrigerated!

Ideas for Kids' Party

This Chocolate Mousse with Chocolate Dirt makes an excellent kitchen project with children for parties.

Add some worm lollies, and they will have enjoyable time making and eating delicious dirt and worms too.

Have fun making Chocolate Mousse with Chocolate Dirt

More ideas for Easy Chocolate Recipes

Video in How to make Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate mousse is great for a dinner party.  This chocolate mousse recipe is rich and decadent, yet light and fluffy. Top chocolate mousse with chocolate soil.

Posted on 13th September 2016.

Spring has sprung!

It's time to get out and get our hands dirty.
Garden is gravely in need of some TLC after cold windy winter this year. I could see weeds growing taller than my grass. One huge yucca (we nicknamed it Jabba The Hut) is withering, even the doves decided not to set up nests within its dying leaves :(.

Few lemongrass clumps aren't faring too well either.

arrghh... I might be swimming with sharks, dead leaves and bugs this summer!!! if hubby is still busy with work.

Desperately need to cheer up my back yard with some colours...

I sowed seeds into the dirt in my backyard.
Lets wait and see... for some mother earth magic to happen :D

How to make Chocolate Dirt

While waiting for little tiny seedlings to break through the dirt, and waiting for good weather before we actually get our hands and knees smudges with soil,  we might as well get some practise in the kitchen with this great Chocolate Mousse with Chocolate Dirt dessert.


Lets eat some dirt ;P

Chocolate dirt!

I've heard and read about chocolate dirt but...

I contemplate of making Chocolate Mousse with Chocolate Dirt, because I thought that making chocolate dirt is tricky!
Who would have thought that making chocolate dirt was dead easy to make. 
Chocolate dirt really resemble like the real dirt, once mix is done and baked.
Grainy, unattractive dark brownish clumps. 
If I were to put chocolate dirt and real dirt, side by side, no one can tell the difference, I swear.... if not for the aroma of chocolate coming from one dirt :P


  1. A perfect dessert to welcome the Spring!

  2. oh how adorable, with halloween on the way, this idea could be adapted for a halloween party

  3. What an excellent idea, love how you are presented this dish. Nice bit of texture too.

  4. My kids are going to love making this dessert! Great idea for Halloween with something "creepy" reaching up thru the dirt. Thanks.

  5. creative idea, I was definitely intrigued by your title. It does look like regular dirt especially with those flowers...a tasty surprise!

  6. I congratulate you for this dessert so creative and delicious, I try to do to enjoy it.
    Nice day!!

  7. Lisa these are pure GENIUS!!!!
    I love the flowers in them, but I am thinking of replacing them with some jelly snakes (as worms) and making them for my two boys!!!!

    And I know exactly what you mean about the garden!!! The weather last winter in WA was crazy!! It just never seemed to end did it!!!!

    1. Thanks Claire, hope to have a good winter :)

  8. Love this recipe! For the dirt I used chocolate cake w/o the frosting. I baked the choc cake pieces at 350 degrees for about 15 min until crispy but not burned, and then put that into the food processor until it resembled dirt. It was a hit! Thank you!

    1. Awesome :D and thank you for the alternative idea <3

  9. These look like so much fun with children! I love that the dirt is made with almond flour and cocoa, as I use those ingredients a lot. My grandson can't eat eggs, so I'm looking for alternatives to the mousse, great though it looks.


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