Baking notes for Biskut Semperit

July 25, 2015

A video on How to Bake Biskut Samperit / Custard Cookies can be found below.

How to bake custard cookies

Favourite cookies of all time

Biskut samperit also known as biskut dahlia is one of our favourite cookies. 

I literally translate them to custard cookies as they do taste like custard biscuits sans the sweet cream in between.

Our must have cookies to bake for Eid celebration, sometimes we baked them for Chinese New Year celebration.

I made a quick video (pardon the amateur-ish video) on How to Bake Biskut Samperit / Custard Cookies

Check out my video below and if you wish to view full recipe, do refer to my previous post on Biskut Samperit / Custard Cookies that I baked in 2011.

I'll be updating here, if and when I tweak this recipe as I bake along.


Since my success in baking these melt in the mouth biskut samperit/ custard cookies, 4 years ago, I thought that everything would be smooth as this was not my second time baking.

I’ve been baking biskut samperit/ custard cookies every Eid celebration.


Taking things for granted and being too overly confident, two criteria for a good recipe  called DISASTER!


I had my disaster :(, some of you may have seen photo of my disaster cookies posted on my IG

The dough was hard, I had to ‘balled’ them up, rolled in desiccated coconut and still baked them... must not waste good food (even though it was a disaster!!)

The culprit???.

I used Devondale Butter Blend 

See notes below to bake perfect Biskut Samperit/ Custard Cookies.

Note : 

**    Alternative, use oven instead of frying. Bake at 140C for 40 minutes or till the flour mixture feels 'light' when gently stir.
***   in HOT weather, to avoid the 'petals' going floppy, place the cookies in the fridge for 20 minutes then straight to oven.

Updates 2018

2018 : Feedback from readers who resides in South East Asia (mainly Malaysia and Singapore). They have tried and tested, found success in using butter.
Those of you who wish to use butter to bake these gorgeous melt in mouth 
Biskut Samperit/ Custard Cookies, by all means, use butter. 

psst : I heard these Biskut Samperit/ Custard Cookies taste better using butter :D


  1. Very addictive, I'm sure.



  2. They turned out so beautiful, Lisa.

  3. Oh I've been looking for a recipe that holds its shape this well for such a long time. Thank you for sharing, I'll surely give them a try.

  4. I want some for Diwali do you take orders?

  5. Hi Lisa, i don't have scale. Can you please measure it using cup? i really need to know.. i hope you can make it.