Onde-Onde | Glutinous Rice flour Balls filled with Palm sugar

July 04, 2015

Glutinous Rice flour Balls filled with Palm sugar recipe. 
Made from glutinous rice flour that has chewy texture with sugar filling.

 Green and Gold Onde-Onde recipe

I am back with another Malaysians favourite, especially during this fasting month with Glutinous Rice flour Balls filled with Palm sugar / Green and Gold Onde-Onde

Its called onde-onde (pronounce as on-day on-day) for the orange coloured glutinous ball and Buah Melaka for the green ones..(sorry ... I give up on how to type to get the correct pronunciation).

This is a re-visit recipe/ post that I did in my earlier days of blogging... in September 2009

 Glutinous Rice flour Balls filled with Palm sugar recipe.

I didn’t like these chewy balls back then, during my growing up days.
Many things that I didn’t like, then.

My mom loved these little balls, she only ever made the green ones.
She would made it at least twice during the fasting month. .. and I would go ‘meh’ but of course mom would not whipped up another sweet dish just for me...you either eat it or nothing at all!!!

 Left with basically no choice... I would eat at least 2. 

 Ingredients for onde-onde Green and Gold Onde-Onde recipe

I don’t dislike it as much, truth be told... I can eat more than 2, in fact... I think I ate at least 20!!!oops
Must be the hormones or lack of it, that re-develop my tastebuds for these chewy balls.

And for ‘Gold’ glutinous balls, I learned from my good friend, Janet. First time I tasted sweet potato glutinous balls was at her place, less chewy that ‘Green’ glutinous balls, made with pandan extract.


Thinking back...how could I NOT like these chewy balls.. burst with sweet palm sugar with every bite....

Hope you enjoy the video below :D


Yield: 60 balls
Author: Lisa Ho
Prep time: 20 MinCook time: 20 MinTotal time: 40 Min
Glutinous Rice flour Balls filled with Palm sugar recipe.


Green Balls / Pandan Balls
  • 100g glutinous rice flour
  • 35g pandan leaves
  • 100ml water
  • green food colouring (optional and not used in this recipe)
Gold Balls / Sweet Potato Balls
  • 100g glutinous rice flour
  • 100g sweet potato - diced, steam or microwave
  • 80ml water
  • 35g palm sugar - diced
Coconut mixture
  • 75g store-bought dessicated coconut (in dried form)
  • 75ml hot water (add bit by bit hot water if its too dry)
  • 1g salt


  1. Extract pandan juice by placing cut up leaves in food processor or blender.
  2. Blitz for few minutes.
  3. Squeeze and strain (making sure no fibre bits in the extract).
  4. In a bowl, add glutinous flour and add pandan extract.
  5. Mix with hand into a dough
  6. Cover with cling film and set aside.
  7. Mash the steamed/ cooked sweet potato and add into the glutinous rice flour.
  8. Add water.
  9. Mix into dough.
  10. Cover with cling film and set aside.
  11. let both doughs rest for 10 minutes.
  12. Prepare coconut mixture ~ add hot water to desiccated coconut, add salt and stir. Leave it aside for later use.
  13. Roll dough into a size of a marble.
  14. Make dent
  15. Place palm sugar
  16. Roll and seal.
  17. Repeat until all dough is use up.
  18. Bring a pot of water to boil.
  19. Re-roll the ball and carefully drop into boiling water.
  20. Balls are cooked once it starts to float up.
  21. Scoop the balls and drop into the coconut mixture.
  22. Roll to coat.
  23. Enjoy with your afternoon tea


1)These balls taste much better if you have fresh coconut shavings, just add salt. 2)Use palm sugar, its much sweeter that the coconut sugar showed in the video



Fat (grams)


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Glutinous Rice flour Balls filled with Palm sugar recipe. Made from glutinous rice flour that has chewy texture with sugar filling.


  1. Onde onde is one of my top favourite snack dessert though I find it can be labourious to do it. I prefer your Gold onde onde because it has sweet potato in it.

  2. Love your use of natural colorants, Lisa!
    Such a lovely video! Thank you!

  3. They look very delicious! I probably would have finished the whole batch at one go!

  4. These totally bring back memories! When I was in Hong Kong, my godmother bought us these sweet goodness every once a while. Yours look perfect! I gotta make them one day! Thanks for sharing. :)