Sambal Tumis

September 27, 2017
Malaysian chilli paste or commonly known as sambal tumis, is one of many, much loved  sauces by all Malaysians.

Sambal Tumis resipi

This lump of chilli mass; Sambal Tumis / Malaysian Chilli Paste  may look like nothing much but it is one of the most versatile 'simple' dish in many Malaysians household.

We must have our sambal with almost everything. We need FIRE in our BELLY!!!
We'll have our roti canai with some sambal in our curry or dhal.

We use sambal to stir fry rice, noodles or water spinach (kangkong).
We spoon a bit of sambal into a bowl of soupy noodles for that extra oomph...

In times of desperation, in times when we need a quick fix to satiate hunger pangs, we reached out for sambal with steamed rice, nothing else... no meat, no vegetables...

Lastly... sambal tumis is the main star in a dish called Nasi Lemak / Malaysian Coconut Rice.

Nasi lemak recipe

... in Malaysia

anytime is a good time to start blending and cooking sambal.

Our  Malaysian ears and nose, are accustom to the sound of blending, pounding chilli into paste and the smell of gurgling sambal on the stove...occasionally we gave out a good hearty 'Ahhh Chooo' sneeze ... 'oh bless you... ' with a smile, as we know that a good sambal is in the making

Hot and spicy Malaysian sambal Perth

I must exercise some care, pick and choose my day when I can cook my sambal.

Wouldn't want my neighbours to 'pengsan' / fainting spells, because of the chillies and belacan (shrimp paste) aroma escaping from my kitchen flue into their homes

Be sure to open up windows and doors and switch on the kitchen vent when cooking...
as you can see from the video clip, I did my sambal tumis cooking in the backyard :P.

Nasi lemak sambal

Hope you'll enjoy the video and try this absolutely mouth watering Malaysian chilli paste / Sambal tumis. Perfect pair to the fragrant coconut rice

Best serve with Nasi lemak (coconut Rice)


  1. Mmmhhh, delicious! A great combination of ingredients.



  2. Yes, Lisa i need more fire, add more sambal for me please, yummy!!!

  3. My mouth starts to watering when I look at the sambal. When I was young I never like to eat spicy food, but now it is my favourite, just love the spicy kick every now on then. Love your pictures, simple yet pro. watermark.....careful. :-)

    1. Sambals and chilies makes our belly happy :D
      Look closely...ada watermark :)

  4. I love chilli too! Thank you for sharing it, Lisa.

  5. I definitely like having fire in my belly! The sambal looks amazing!

    1. Thank you :D
      Chilli does warms me up during cold winter days :D

  6. I'm a chilly fan and like spicy food and this one looks and sounds delicious!