Juicy Roast Leg of Lamb with Indian spices.

May 15, 2015

Memsahib's rotisserie lamb

Juicy Memsahib's Rotisserie Leg of Lamb is all we need ;P ....

You'd be shaking your head in disbelieve... if I tell you that we have just started using our rotisserie kit on the barbecue after 3 years.... 3 years, it was kept in the garage... 3 years of laziness to learn how to use one!!!!

It finally came out of its resting place...
Can you imagine... we wasted 3 years of seriously good food :(

What get us started?
Seeing photos of juicy, succulent food cooked using rotisserie on my Instagram feed ;P

Yoghurt rice

Memsahib's rotisserie lamb recipe

Thanks to The Food of India cookbook, I find that this Memsahib's rotisserie leg of lamb is the tastiest.
This is my second time using the same recipe, and my first cooking on rotisserie.
If you don't have rotisserie kit... no worries, its do-able in an oven too, and that was how it was done initially :D

and serve this delicious, juicy Memsahib's lamb... with yoghurt rice and raita.
I swear by this leg of lamb that you will not stop after the first serve ;P

Succulent slices of  Memsahib's rotisserie lamb


  1. A scrumptious meal! So many great flavours going on in there.



  2. Well, I don't even own a bbq :-) This looks droolworthy and great shots, Lisa.