Young Sweet Potato Leaves Stir-fry

May 08, 2015
Simple and easy Sweet potato leaves stir-fry recipe.

Sweet Potato shoots Stir-fry

Have you tried this simple stir-fry? Young Sweet Potato leaves Stir-fry

This stir-fry may be new to some readers... but to Malaysians, it's quite normal to be foraging for edible leaves that we could grow in our backyard.

Young leaves of cassava, young leaves of sweet potato, water spinach, and many other leafy greens that I don't even know their name in English ;P

Sweet Potato shoots<

By the way, these gorgeous healthy young sweet potato leaves were not from my backyard :), for I don't have much space to have a proper vegetable patch :(

Remember not long ago, I blogged about Kalamansi?

A few days later, I received an email from a reader who happened to blog hop into my virtual kitchen. She has kalamansi...yippeee :D
I was thrilled and that same weekend, we made arrangements to meet up.

Sunday morning, took a slow drive to where she lives. From a warm welcome of a quick hello and introduction, she led the way to her kalamansi tree in her backyard.

What struck me was... the varieties of plants that both husband and wife grow in their backyard. Felt like I was standing in my mom's garden... I was surrounded by familiar plants.

What a wonderful feeling to see... loofah (buah petola) creeping along the fence, pots, and pots of healthy pandan plants arranged neatly by the side, turmeric plant with sizeable leaves compared to my turmeric plant with its leaves that are so puny :(.

There are galangal and sugar canes too.
Finally, my eyes stop at the bed of masses of green leafy plants sprawling ... sweet potato leaves :D

Thank you, Priscilla (and hubby) for the bagful of kalamansi, a pot of kalamansi plant, and another bagful of young sweet potato shoots

Sweet Potato shoots

One look inside the bag, H suggested a simple stir-fry...
So here it is.... simple Sweet potato shoots stir fry with just garlic and salt.

Simple Sweet Potato shoots Stir-fry


  1. Oh, that must taste wonderful! A healthy and tasty dish.



  2. Never heard about it! Thank you for this discovery, Lisa!

  3. I've actually never tried or seen sweet potato shoots before! I must keep my eye out for them.