Tabouleh (Tabouli) recipe (Middle Eastern salad)

March 27, 2015
Lebanese tabbouleh salad is s made with bulgur wheat, fresh herbs, tomatoes, lemon juice, and extra virgin olive oil.

Fresh to the land of Australia, I was smitten with this Middle Eastern salad called Tabbouleh salad (Tabouli salad).

The crunchy, nutty texture of Bulgur wheat, the fresh crisp diced Lebanese cucumber (or English cucumber), tomatoes, and the fresh herbs with every spoonful of tabbouleh.

In short, tabbouleh is like bulgur salad with a handful of ingredients that give tabbouleh its fresh flavor.

For the bulgur wheat, I prefer to use the coarse bulgur.
Coarse bulgur has a more nutty texture compared to extra fine bulgur.

Tabbouleh can be served as a side dish or as a fresh salad to fill up kebabs.
This may not be the traditional Lebanese tabbouleh or as near as the authentic tabbouleh but a good tabbouleh recipe.

What to do with the tabbouleh leftover?

Packed leftover tabbouleh in an airtight container and keep them refrigerated.
Bring the container out from the fridge the next day and let the tabbouleh rest at room temperature before consuming.

Can I add onion to my tabbouleh?

Yes, you can add onion to your tabbouleh, and I suggest using red onion.
Red onion is sweet and has a less strong taste.
You may substitute red onion with green onions (spring onion) instead.



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