Soft and Fluffy Double Chocolate Hot Cross Buns

April 03, 2015
The double Chocolate Hot Cross Buns recipe uses tangzhong method that keeps the buns soft for days.

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Double chocolate hot cross buns... double the yum :D

Not that I celebrate Easter, but as we get nearer to easter time, bakeries started to display their selections of hot cross buns.

It's time for some hot cross buns in my tummy.
Hot cross buns were out early this year. Love the buns from Woollies, especially the chocolatey ones, but they are dearer in price than traditional fruity hot cross buns.

Since no one (except me and perhaps hubby too) will be eating traditional hot cross buns; son hates anything with raisins and daughter is not so thrilled with it either, to be safe, not to overload and transfer all the excess 'fat from finishing all the buns' from my tummy to my hips.

Instead of buying, I decided to bake Chocolate hot cross buns, these double chocolate hot cross buns are delicious :D.
And I have no qualms when the 2 hungry young adults had 3 or 4 buns in one sitting for they are young and able to burn off what they eat, easily ;P

Chocolate Hot Cross Buns photo

Just a quick update!
I tried using Dan Lepard's '10 second knead - 10 minutes rest' method on my previous Green Tea buns, it was doable and turned out good too but the hot cross buns turned out not as soft as the buns mixed in a stand mixer bowl!

While you are kneading bread to perfection, why not try, and yes, I insist that this is a MUST try this Green Tea bread rolls with Adzuki beans filling or try to incorporate tangzhong method, yielding a softer dough hence a softer hot cross buns.

The best way to serve these delicious hot cross buns is to warm the buns in a toaster spread a little butter and have it with your coffee or tea.

Enjoy your Easter long weekend, and make this delicious recipe.

Double Chocolate Hot Cross Buns image